Pieces of something left behind,

Shatter to the glass floor.

Walls are covered in our blood.

I see you staring at me staring at you,

This is all we're going to get.

Tears falling down my cheeks,

Who knew I'd be so sad when I'm with you.

Break down at the end,

It should be enough your hand in mine.

I'm not afraid of death or anything else

Stare into your half-closed eyes.

You promised me the world,

But time never gave us enough for promises.

Head tilted back,

Moon and stars stare down.

I wonder what they sees.

Endings come too soon.

Stay beside me,

Eyes are grown dark.

World falls away.

I don't know how to get you back.

Wait for me, just a little longer.

Will the stars be where we go?

Shattered glass, twisted metal.