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The desire of power is something that will never be extinguished from the world. As long as humans exist, there will be fights for power. It is man's character to be greedy, to be ambitious, to be in search of a power greater than that of his fellow beings, and to protect the things he considers to be the most important in his life.

Angels and devils do exist, just like the two sides of a coin, the two kinds of matter. Everything consists of a positive side, as well as a negative side opposing it. In theory, angels are the guardians of Heaven, and devils of Hell. However, devils may not be as bad as they sound, it is just because of their desire for power they are banned from the Kingdom of Heaven.

As long as you have power, there will be sacrifices. And the greater power you have, the greater your sacrifice will be. This may seem to you like a fair trade, but sometimes your sacrifices are worth far more than what you have gained.

The devil ascended to earth.


The streets of Mizumemachi were silent. The wind was strong, tearing apart the leaves from the little trees at the side of the narrow allies. Not a shadow was seen within a mile. The town looked empty, deserted, totally isolated from civilization. The lamp posts showed no light. Apparently the street keeper had forgotten to replace the burnt candles. The whole town laid out over the dim light of the only moon hung up high in the sky.

Tired after his work, reporter Takeshi Akitsuki was strolling home steadily in one of the lonely allies, trying to keep his balance after several drinks at the Moe Pub. The day had been bad for him, too bad, he recalled. It had been two months since he got his new job at Mizume Daily, but he had never submitted a big article. Today, his boss had called him to his office, requesting something worth reading in a week.

Till now, Takeshi had only written articles on small car accidents, burglaries and news on the second-line celebrities. He was not looking for those, he continuously told himself. He needed something of weight, something which would shock the whole town.

Takeshi continued to walk along the ally, pressing his hands against the walls as if he was afraid he would lose his direction. He was too busy occupied by his thoughts that he did not notice a shadow passed behind him.

As he turned the corner into the lane towards the entrance of his apartment, Takeshi jumped at the sight of a man pointing a knife at him.

"Give me all your money and valuables if you want to pass here alive," the man demanded.

Takeshi stood there stunned, unable to say anything, but clear about one thing. The knife had woken him from his drinks.

He eyed the man in front of him. He was a lot larger in size compared to him, with a thick brown beard and messy brown hair tied to a ponytail loosely at the back. He smelled of tobacco smoke and his face showed that he had not taken a shower for at least a week.

Seeing Takeshi unmoved, the man demanded again, in a louder voice this time. "Give me your money and I will spare your life! At once!"

Reluctantly, Takeshi put his hand inside his blouse pocket and began searching for his wallet among his chains of keys, identification documents and pennies. The huge man's eyes followed his hands, but his knife pointed straight in front of Takeshi's chest.

This is the worst day of my life. Takeshi thought to himself as he pulled out his wallet slowly. Damn the criminals. Why can't they do something worth reporting? And damn this man here, why can't he come some other day other than this?

The huge man's eyes shone as he stared at Takeshi flipping open his wallet. There seemed to be some yellow… no, gold coins in between some large pieces of paper. That must be gold coins. His face showed a smile.

Takeshi turned his wallet upside down. The man watched the coins fell to the ground, producing a sound which made him come back from his dream.


To the man's surprise, what fell out of Takeshi's wallet were not the gold coins he had been hoping for, instead, they are very far from what he had expected. Four yellow plastic circular discs laid on the ground before him.

"What… what are these?" The man stared in puzzle.

"My lucky plastic coins which my son gave me before he died."

"Are you kidding me? You damn bastard! Where is the money I asked for?"

Takeshi gave a shrug. "Obviously from what you can see I have no money with me. I spent them all on drinks just now."

Takeshi could sense man's anger. He looked furious. It is no joke now, Takeshi thought. He clenched his teeth tight and held onto his briefcase as the knife came towards him. Just hope the briefcase is hard enough to block the blow.

Takeshi closed his eyes as he held his briefcase in front of his chest. The sound of something hit wood. Takeshi opened one eye. The knife was released and completely stuck in his briefcase.

Beautiful. Perhaps I can consider choosing this brand for my next briefcase again.

Takeshi took a peek over the briefcase. There was no one. Is the man gone? He stayed close to the wall and listened.

Before he could hear anything, he felt a cut in his back, then a sharp pain growing fast from his back through his body to his brain. His reflex responded and he turned round immediately. There he was, the man holding a second knife.

"You are going to pay for playing with me!" The guy clenched his fists hard. Takeshi could see clearly the hand holding the knife was about the break the handle.

This is really the end.

Takeshi prayed as he held tight to his briefcase. His mind released a signal to his legs telling him to escape, but his legs did not respond. Takeshi stood there like a rigid statue ready to be crushed. He prayed as hard as he could.

Takeshi had never prayed in his entire life. He always believed that only the weak are capable of praying. He had laughed at friends who prayed for everything, calling them stupid and not independent. However, there was nothing else Takeshi could think of right now. He waited for the second split of pain silently. Here it comes.

Nothing came. He waited, but not even the sound of metal was heard. The tobacco smell of the huge man seemed to have faded out, and the loud breath of hatred was not heard anymore. Again, Takeshi opened his eyes slowly.

The huge man laid a few metres from him on the ground, dead. He was facing the ground with his limbs stretched. He looked like he had died from suffocation.

A dark figure stood over him, murmuring, "I really have no idea why we are there when creatures like this roam around on earth!"

Takeshi took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. Looking at the figure, he could see that it indeed looked like a human, but the black aura surrounding it told him that it was not. Takeshi could not see what it looked like since it is facing him with its back. He could only see the long black cloak the figure was wearing flipping under the wind.

The figure turned. Takeshi felt a chill. As it approached him, Takeshi noticed that it looked like a guy in his teens, slightly shorter than him, with black hair and ruby-red eyes. The most amazing thing was that the guy did not look evil at all.

"Are you alright there?" the "figure" asked Takeshi, then he smiled. "Almost got stabbed, huh? Luckily I am here just at the right time." The dark aura around him started to fade as well.

Right time. You could have come earlier.

"Have you heard my prayers? Are you an angel?" Takeshi spoke in a broken tone. He realized that his voice was not as calm as he thought he was. The word "angel" came out unexpectedly, seeing that the guy was clothed in total blackness.

"Angels never answer prayers," they guy began, "but sometimes we do." The smile left his face, he was being serious. "Especially when something worse than our kind is allowed to live better than us."

"Who… who are you then?" Takeshi felt his lips shaking. If he is not an angel, what had helped me?

"Nice to meet you, I am the Devil." The guy vanished as soon as those words were pronounced.

Takeshi dropped to the ground, his legs too tired to support his whole body. The guy's voice echoed in his ears. I am the Devil… Repeating and repeating again.

The streets went back to its initial darkness, silence fell upon the narrow ally. From afar Takeshi could hear the clear bark of a hound. However, Takeshi had no time to notice further, a broad smile passed on his face. Tonight he had not only survived from a near fatal death, but he had also seen something which would change his life completely.

The Devil. He mumbled to himself. This is going to be big news.

Takeshi grabbed his briefcase, gathered his plastic coins, took out his keys and dashed into his apartment. He immediately sat in front of his desk, turn on his monitor and typing endlessly in a word document what he had seen some minutes ago, forgetting about the pain in his back.

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