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It had been a few weeks since the people of Mizumemachi last saw the devil.

Almost half of the Mizumemachi population was gone. Everyone was busy restoring their collapsed homes and reuniting their families. Many streets were under construction due to the severe damage taken when the demons arrived. Children cried at the loss of their parents, teenagers kept silent after losing their friends, but everyone tried to stay calm after the death of someone they loved.

Part of Mizume High was closed for renovation, especially on the front grass plain. It has been closed for the past weeks due to the insufficient number of classrooms available for lectures and the lack of teachers. The government had taken over the campus lands as well as the whole school after the death of Seishi Kouga. The Mizumemachi president spoke to the citizens in his speech after the incident.

"I am really sorry for what had happened in the past few months. No evidence has been found of who killed our vice-president, Nagi Mamoharu-san, but proof has been obtained that he had been betraying our country to some oversea forces."

"As well, the headmaster of Mizume High, Seishi Kouga-san was no where to be found. Witness said that he had died during a fight with the devil, and only a poll of blood was found on the scene. Our investigators found out that the DNA of the blood left behind matches that of Seishi Kouga, and therefore we believed that he had died."

"As for the school, Mizume High had been the best high school in Mizumemachi for decades, and we do not want to ruin the future of our hopeful students. That's why, after our meeting with the council members, the government had officially taken it in under our hands and run it with government funding. We will be urgently in need of qualified teachers and construction workers for the school as well as for our town. I hope every one of us will be willing to lend a hand towards the restoration of our community."

Five weeks had passed, and Mizume High was opened again. As usual, buses drove along the narrow twined lane up to the gates of Mizume High, and the sound of laughter was once again heard on campus.

Class 1A resumed their seats in their classrooms, all excited over the new teacher who would be coming shortly.

"I wonder who will be our new teacher! I am so glad Umino-sensei is gone after the incident!"

"It is so bad that Yami-kun is gone…" Saori sighed to herself as she placed her hands over the window sill, looking out into the blue sky.

"I am so depressed that devil-sama is a girl, and out of all people she is that cold girl in our class." Akane stood beside her and sighed.

"The devil saved us in the end, you should be proud whomever he or she is, Akane-chan." Saori said in encouragement.

"You too, Kouga-kun is a hero of our school because he risked his life to save us. You should be proud of him." Akane replied.

"Yah, I finally understand why Yami-kun said he liked the devil, because he liked Kasaki-san." Saori said, feeling better.

"It is all over, isn't it? There is nothing we can get by sighing over here by the window. However, although Kasaki-san is the devil, I am not going to dismiss the devil club."

"Me either, the Yamiyoru Kouga Fangirl Club will exist forever as long as I am alive."

Saori and Akane looked at each other and smiled. Never in their life had they talked to each other like this. They had always been quarrelling, and fighting over their idols.

Megumi approached Nagisa as soon as she put down her bag. "Hey, Nagisa-kun, how are you feeling today?"

"Never better." He answered. "I am glad I did not reject your confession in the ship last time. I really feel I like you after all those you have done for me. I am not going after any other girl ever again. I will only have Megumi-chan in my heart."

"I am glad to hear that from you. I will always love Nagisa-kun. But I will never forget Yuki-chan and Kouga-kun."

"Same goes for me."

The students heard footsteps in the corridor and alerted their classmates to sit down.

"The teacher is coming!"

"I wish he is a handsome guy."

"I want a woman instead."

"Shhh… he is outside!"

"Keep quiet!"

The door was thrown open. Everyone looked at the entrance hopefully.

Class 1A experienced the coldness of the poles when the teacher stepped in. All their hopes and dreams vanished when Kiyotaka Umino stepped up to the front.

"Good morning, students." He said with a smile. "I am Kiyotaka Umino. From today onwards I will be your homeroom teacher."

The whole class dropped on their desks, too weak to say anything. "Urgh…"

"What's with that face? Don't worry, I am now a human."

The whole class raised their heads and stared in amazement. "What did you say, sensei?"

"I am not a demon, or a dragon anymore. I am human." He gave a broad smile which caused every one of them to shiver.

"I guess this Umino-sensei is different from the previous one. He seemed to be silly smiling a lot!" The students whispered.

"But he still has that formidable face on him when he is not smiling!"

"Before we start our lessons, I would like to introduce two new students to our class. Please come in."

Everyone's attention was directed to the door once again, but their hopes did not rise.

Two students stepped in. The whole class exclaimed in awe as they saw their faces.

"Nice meeting you again, I am Yuki Kasaki." Yuki gave a bow.

"Hi, and I am Yamiyoru Kouga." He stood beside Yuki and said.

"Yami-kun!" Saori screamed in seeing his face. "I miss you so much! I was so shocked when I saw what happened to you during the fight!"

"Devil-sama…" Akane could not help but got excited. "No, Yuki-sama! Please allow me to call you Yuki-sama! You are so great! I feel so proud being your classmate and fan!"

"Okay, calm down now." Umino called them to silence. "I guess nothing can be better then having lectures together again." He said happily.

Yamiyoru gave a faint cough. "There is nothing worse than having lectures with you again, sensei."

Everyone laughed while Umino turned all red.

"Hey, Kouga! Is that the way to talk to a teacher?"

"Is that the way to behave in front of the one who turned you into a human?" Yamiyoru asked, looking at Umino then at Yuki.

"Sorry, Kasaki-sama! I really appreciate your kindness in granting my wish! And, the one who gives me my human form is not you, Kouga!"

"But I am Yuki-chan's boyfriend, master or mistress, it is all the same." Yamiyoru laughed.

"That's enough, you two. Let's get the lectures started, or we will have to study overtime." Yuki said as she pulled Yamiyoru away, back to his seat.

"Yes, Kasaki-sama!" Umino took out his books and began teaching. The whole class listened to his talks attentively. Umino had changed a lot after he became human.

The lunch bell rang. Megumi and Nagisa, as well as the whole class gathered around Yuki and greeted her with a lot of questions.

"Yuki-chan, where did you go after the incident?"

"How did Yami-kun survive?

"How did you turn Umino-sensei to a human?"

Questions came at her continuously. Yuki did not answer them one by one, but said as she winked. "I am the devil, and the devil is special. If you want to know, I am sorry, but I am not revealing anything."

"That's mean, Kasaki-san! Do you still have your powers?"

"Who knows, perhaps I will have when someone is in danger again." Yuki answered as she took Yamiyoru's hand. "Let's go for lunch, Yami-kun. You promised me my lunch today!"

"Of course! Run for our lunch!" Yamiyoru pulled her along as he started running, and the classmates tried to follow them.

"They are too slow for our speed," Yuki smiled as she turned around a corner. The classmates caught up to the corner but the two of them were already gone.

"She can run so fast!" One of the classmates said.

"Of course, because she is our devil-sama!" Akane said happily.

Yuki and Yamiyoru found a place by the entrance of the school building and sat down on a bench.

"Here, your lunch." Yamiyoru handed her a plastic box.

"Thanks, Yami-kun. I never know you make nice lunches." Yuki said as she opened the box.

"You should learn cooking too, since you are a girl."

"I hate that. Yami-kun can cook for me." Yuki laughed.

"Yuki-chan, do you remember the grass over there?" Yamiyoru pointed to a patch of grass near the entrance.

"No, what's special about it?"

"That's where I first kissed you and you tried to hit me. I guess that's the only time I won."

"Oh really? That means all other times I defeated you?"

"Somewhat," Yamiyoru laughed, "but usually I try to find excuses to retreat before I am seriously injured."

"Well, Yami-kun…"


"Thank you for being my true friend." Yuki put down her lunch box and kissed Yamiyoru.

Yamiyoru felt his temperature rising and he dropped his fork.

"Hey, Kasaki-san! I have finally found you!" A voice sent both of them jumping from their seats and looking away.

Kazuki Makaze walked towards them and bowed. He was not wearing a police officer's uniform, but a grey suit, shirt and tie.

"What brings Sergeant Makaze here to our campus?" Yuki asked.

"I have quitted being a sergeant. After I know who the devil is, I have no intention of capturing him again. Of course I was barked at by my boss, but I quitted anyways."

"What are you doing now?"

"Well, I am sure you will never have guessed. I am the new headmaster of Mizume High."

"What did you say?" Yamiyoru jumped up and asked, very surprised.

"I said I am the new headmaster, after your father." He smiled. "I come here to greet our great hero. I wish that I can raise the talented student of our town."

"I am not really talented, given that the devil is nothing but a killing machine." Yuki replied.

"Stop being humble. I have looked through your academic records. You are the best student in the whole school."

Yuki hid her face to prevent a blush.

"I know you are great, Kasaki-san. Your talents are meant to be used in a good way." Kazuki said.

"Yes! Yuki-chan is the best! That's why I love you even we were enemies at first."

"Stop flattering me! I will be hitting you guys if you continue!"

Kazuki and Yamiyoru both laughed as they try to hide.

The whole school was happily enjoying their first lunch break after so many things have happened. They knew that Mizumemachi would be safe as long as Yuki Kasaki stayed with them.

It is a great thing to have the devil in school, isn't it?


"Hey, Yuki-chan!" Megumi and Nagisa approached them when it was almost time for afternoon classes.

"What's up, Megumi?

"Actually we want to know what happened after the incident. Both of you disappeared. We were so worried." Megumi said cheerfully. "I thought Yami-kun was dead."

"Yah, I was." Yamiyoru replied. "But I have Yuki-chan who resurrected me.

"Well, I am just telling you two, so don't leak it out." Yuki said. "You know, I am the devil, so I have the power to control deaths and lives in hell. Umino-sensei is the same case. He reincarnated as a human."

"But he is still the same age!" Nagisa exclaimed.

"Don't you think it is better to see him like what he was?" Yuki smiled.

"Well, whatever." Nagisa scratched his head.

"The citizens of Mizumemachi will be returning soon too, but they will start their lives again." Yamiyoru said.

"Yup," Yuki added. "As long as I am here, the demons will never come to Mizumemachi again."

"So can you travel freely between here and hell?" Megumi asked.

"Yup, I need to go back once in a while, or people like Seishi Kouga will come up against me again."

"What happened to him? If he died, he should be in hell too!"

"Don't worry," Yamiyoru said calmly. "My father will be imprisoned for the rest of his life. I am so glad Yuki-chan made this decision."

"Isn't you the one who proposed that idea? I am just going according to your wish." Yuki replied.

"Yah, but you are the one to make the final decision."

"Stop arguing, you two." Megumi stopped them by pulling them apart.

"Yuki-sama! Yami-kun!" Akane and Saori were running towards them.

"What's up with so many people looking for us today?" Yamiyoru looked puzzled.

"Can we go on a date with you guys this weekend? Even if you do not like us, we would be happy to go out with you as friends." They said shyly.

"But I am a girl," Yuki answered.

"I don't mind!" Akane said excitedly. "Dress up as devil-sama and we can go somewhere to play."

"Well," Yuki thought for a moment. "If it is your treat, then fine."

"Thanks, devil-sama!" Akane jumped with joy.

"If Yuki-chan is going, I am going as well." Yamiyoru said.

"Yupie!" Saori and Akane ran away happily back to their classroom.

"I think it is best to be with friends." Yuki said suddenly. "I am going to forget my past and start a new life with friends."

"I am glad you are finally able to accept us as your friends, Yuki-chan." Nagisa said kindly. "Oh yeah, one thing I would like to know. Can you take me to hell for a visit? I would like to decide if I am going there after I die."

"Yes, we can," Yamiyoru answered immediately, "but under one condition."

"One condition?" Megumi and Nagisa looked at him hopefully. Yuki and Yamiyoru laughed.

"What is the condition, dark boy? Stop laughing!" Nagisa cried.

"You have to die before you can go there." Yuki answered.

"Do you want me to kill you now?" Yamiyoru offered.

"Stop joking, dark boy! Of course not! That is not funny at all!"

"But Yuki-chan can always resurrect us after we die." Megumi added.

"I don't want to abuse my powers." Yuki smiled.


Special Thanks to…

火崎 由稀/ Kasaki Yuki – The Devil

雪広 渚/ Yukihiro Nagisa – Yuki's classmate & friend (human)

赤部 恵/ Akabe Megumi – Yuki's classmate & friend (human)

武牙 闇夜/ Kouga Yamiyoru – Yuki's classmate & boyfriend (demon)

鉄羽 雨古/ Tetsuwa Ameko – Yami's creation (dragon)

片桐 綾/ Katakiri Aya – Schoolmate (human)

加藤 沙奈/ Kafuji Sana – Schoolmate (human)

原上 明子/ Haraue Minko – Schoolmate (human)

氷泉 月/ Kouizumi Tsuki – Schoolmate (human)

秋月 武/ Akitsuki Takeshi – Mizume Daily Reporter (human)

藤崎 彦/ Fujisaki Hiko – Students' Council Prez (human)

佐々木 城/ Sasaki Ki – Minko's boyfriend (human)

塚本 智/ Tsukamoto Satoshi – Headmaster (demon)

菊地 歩/ Kikuji Ayumi – Medical Teacher (demon)

堂藤 綺羅/ Toufuji Kira – Discipline Head (demon)

遠加 奈美/ Tooka Nami – Administrative Head (demon)

海野 清隆/ Umino Kiyotaka – Homeroom teacher (dragon)

鳥岡 花芽/ Torioka Haname – News reporter (human)

星宮 裕史/ Hoshimiya Yuushi – On-site reporter (human)

高城 一/ Takashiro Ichi – Foreworks factory owner (human)

火町 銀也/ Kamachi Ginya – Fireworks factory official (human)

木村 東二/ Kimura Touji – Mizume Daily Editor (human)

森野 美加/ Morino Mika – Classmate (human)

竜原 京太/ Ryuuhara Kyota – Police Chief (human)

朝日 久我/ Asahi Kuga – Asahi Corporation Prez (human)

山田 沙良/ Yamada Sara – Yuki's Neighbour (human)

守治 那智/ Mamoharu Nagi – Asahi Corp Vice-president (human)

麻崎/ Masaki & crew – Forest thieves (human)

一之瀬 沙緒莉/ Ichinose Saori – Kouga Club Prez (human)

司徒 留希絵/ Jito Rukie – Yuki/Devil's Fangirl (human)

麻風 和樹/ Makaze Kazuki – Sergeant (human)

日向 雷人/ Hyuuga Raito – Yami's chauffeur (demon)

鈴木 赤音/ Suzuki Akane – Devil Club Prez (human)

武牙 星司/ Kouga Seishi – Yami's Dad (demon)

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