i'll confiscate ((the
breath of)) your hair
as it tickles my jawline,
healing the cig butt burns
i've been placing there
for centuries.

now, my darling,
i'll sing surreptitiously
fake words and hope
i will ((hope you)) always
let me enter into
your cotton candy dreams
that wreak of deceit and

scrub my name on
dirty toilets, leaving my
mark as i did with the bleach
on your eyelids. i paint
them fairypassionlegal red
and call it my master

with evanescence tunes
and gramma earrings, i
'll bake christmas cookies
in the middle of june and call it

let's fog up the windows
at the trunk of your car,
then wipe, drawing pictures
of all our desires, as i
trace neverending circles
of my neverending love
all in the dip of your hip.

let's play a little game, if
i drink all the vodka out of
your belly button, then i get
to keep my ((dignity)) kisses
and then lather you up with
baby oil instead. if i fail
and make you spill i promise
to cradle you to my breast
in the afterglow and lay
stars on your brow.

college is my next adventure,
but you will be my greatest