Silk Cut Vs Marlbro Red

I am the ashtray girl

My tragic stare

My gothic glare

My greasy smelly hair

Hanging lank from either side

And my mouth it tastes like cigarettes

And my tongue it caresses like a pack of Marlboro

My lover's favourite brand

My arms are white like a cardboard box

My fingers as pointless as nico gum

A saucy fox

To take and smoke at will

Then discard, crumpled against a wall

I am the ashtray girl

My dark rings

My brief flings

The stains that get on my skirt

The whoredom, the Satan, the god of my love

My life

My pitched battle for what's good and what's right

My floor, my bra, my covers, my quilt

And strife

My sin, my shame, my liar, my love

My guilt

And now he's not here I stare at the walls

I sit and smoke and sigh and mope

And wish I had my true addiction