She looks at me like I can make her dreams come true,, and she holds my hand like a life line(absolutely no pressure). It's something curious when she looks into my eyes; the emotion is overwhelming.

I don't want this kind of responsibility, this five feet of pure porcelain doll. But I tied to leave her and I found out that when she cries, her tears are black. Just like the Bunny she sits with in her room. He looks at me with these glowing garnet eyes, and I know that's not normal.

And it's funny how this castle is made out of ice. It's hollow and quiet but she's always humming a song with no words. The melody changes every time. And I never feel cold with her hand in mine.

She looks at me. "Bunny says you don't love me , but I know he's lying." And then she smiles, and watching her mouth is like watching a star explode and then die when she frowns and cocks her head to the side. "Right?"

I nod dumbly and close my eyes.