Her kiss is like a seal.

It's filled with passion and brimming with lust. It's amazing that such a fragile thing could be so forceful. Its warm and bewitching, and I hate it. I'm unresponsive as stone and she pushes harder against me cheeks. I stay immobile, and she pulls away. She's all sorts of furious when she sits on the bed and crosses her arms over her chest. I'm shocked that her hand left mine

"You lied," she hisses.

I turn to the door, my back to her. "I don't love you."

Thunder flashes outside the window.

"You don't have a choice." She moves towards me on her knees, takes my face in her hands, brings here yes to meet mine. "Would you leave me?" she asks like an innocent. "Would you leave me like this, all alone? I need you."

I laugh because her words are poison and I am immune. "Yes."

The house shatters into a million shards.