If you just let me love you

From such a great distance

That I no longer see or hear you

I'll love you everyday


Even if you hate me to the core

Just give me this one happiness

Please I beg of you

Just full-fill this craziness


I know there's very little chance

That you feel the same as me

But I'm trying to think positive

To believe that you and I could be


I love you just the way you are

I'll take the good and bad

Even if you do something unforgiveable

I'll accept and not get mad


I won't push it away

Or hide what you've done

I know your not perfect

And it's not something I shun


I accept that your different

And that you go against the flow

I love your quirky attitude

And that your smarter than you show


I hope one day you'll realize

Why I wrote this poem

If you don't I'm sorry

And I'll just cry when I get home.