Welcome to Faeryland

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away in places that even the deepest of imaginations could not possibly imagine, stood a fairy kingdom called the Kingdom of North Faery Woods. It happened to be the beloved home of two, lovely, twin princesses. These twins could not have been more different, but they loved each other and their people very, very much. Their names were Princess Etta, who was the elder faery twin, and Princess Essa.

Their reign was most peaceful and prosperous. The kingdom flourished beautifully. Violence and theft were unheard of. And because there were no thieves or bandits to tarnish the beauty of the lush forest that surrounded their kingdom, the two princesses happened to adore taking nice, long walks through the woods.

Oh how they loved those woods. They loved how the sun shone through the leaves on a warm, bright, and sunny day, how the branches swayed on breezy days, how the thunderstorms left glistening droplets and fresh smelling air after the dark clouds went away, and how warm the air was in the day, and the scent of the cool, peaceful night. They loved taking strolls through those woods, talking with any and all creatures and persons they came across. They adored their subjects and in return all the subjects living in the Kingdom of North Faery Woods loved their two rulers. Even subjects in kingdoms far, far away heard of and immediately loved the two princesses.

Everyone was happy.

So the real question now, is: Who could have stabbed Princess Etta with sharpened sticks and listened with pleasure to her screams? Who sliced open Princess Essa with an axe then shoved stones into her insides while she was still alive? Who ripped out their eyes and cut them both to little pieces while they were still alive and screaming for mercy?

…Who indeed?

A/N: I wrote this two years ago. I still don't know where it came from. If anyone reads this and doesn't find it funny like I still do, then I'm sorry. No offense meant! I guess I just have a sick and twisted sense of humor.