(Ok, this NOT an original idea for a story since it's based off of the hentai manga 'Sexphiles' issue #15. Still, I thought I'd do my own take on the idea of genetically altered clone-slaves. Enjoy.

PS- Yes, I AM also working on 'Pink Gender' as well. I just felt a little creative on this subject.)

"Gibson Lab Files"

product # 9506400: 'Angela'

"Look, I'm starting to have second thoughts on this. You sure this is legal?" Ren Savorm asked his friend Kensuke Omaki as they traveled down to Kensuke's basement.

"Look, don't worry, I researched on this for years and have been up to date with all the hearings ever since 2069," Kensuke laughed as he scratched his messy mocha-colored hair as he and his friend finally unlocked the door to the bottom of his house. The room smelled of fresh kibble and some dog-musk, causing Ren's nose to twitch a bit, but Ken was used to the smell long ago.

There at the foot of the stairs was a gate normally used for keeping dogs or small children from going into parts of a house they weren't mean to. At first, all that could be heard was a panting and munching sound in the back of the half-lit room.

"So, where is it?" Ren asked as he scratched his short red hair.

"SHE is off in her little food nook right now, since she worked up an appetite after our little session a few hours ago," Ken then whistled for a second and the sound of eating stopped. "Angie-chan, c'mere, baby!" he called out in a loving voice. In an instant, a sound of lightly galloping hands and feet came rushing toward the duo, presenting the owner of the panting sounds from earlier.

There, sitting on her naked rear was a girl with blue eyes and long brown hair with a black collar around her neck. At first glance, she seemed perfectly Human, but that would end as soon as one spotted her tall black collie ears and her long black collie tail that curled up a bit. She sat there before the two young men panting and wagging her tail with a big smile as she stared up at Kensuke, who scratched behind her ears for a bit.

"Hey, Angela, did I make you wait too long?" he asked happily as he and Ren stepped over the gate and entered Angela's open room.

"Ruff!" she barked lightly as she nestled her cheek against her master's leg.

"Well? What do you think, Ren?"

"Holy shit! It looks just like Amy!" the red-haired man exclaimed as he noted the similarity between the girl before him and Ken's ex-girlfriend.

"Yup, Amy and I swapped genes for each other so we could still have a piece of the other to be with."

"Ok, explain to me again how this works. Is it-"


"Is SHE a Human? I mean the Thirteenth Amendment outlaws slavery and all."

"Well, this is legal for several reasons," Ken said as he led his friend to the azure couch over by Angela's food nook. Angela hopped up to her master's side and laid on her back for Kensuke to rub her flat tummy. "First off, the bill that was passed in 2070 classifies anything with at least a 2 percent genetic difference with Humans as an animal and NOT a true person. Lucky for me, Angela here shares only 97 percent of the same genes as a Human. Secondly," he added as he continued to rub his pet's belly, causing her tail to wag incessantly and her right leg to kick for a bit. "As long as their intelligence is on par or lower than a chimp's, they're not considered sentient and therefore have no Human rights but only animal rights. Third, they're genetically patented to the Gibson Corporation, so no stupid Lefty groups like PETA can bitch and complain that they can't be kept as property by people like me."

"Yeah, I figured that PETA and Christians would have stopped this from happening a long time ago," Ren said as he looked at the dog-girl with interest.

"Well, PETA wasn't too hard to deal with using the patent excuse, but the Christians were another story."

"What's their argument?"

"You know, the usual with genetics: 'playing god', tampering with Nature, all sorts of Human ethics, and the most important was that we were making artificial Humans and controlling their souls. But they eventually lost the fight when Congress passed the bill that said that all non-sentient animals, no matter how human it may look, can't be considered a Human if the genetic difference is 2 percent or above. That means Angie-chan is my little pet and there's nothing those self-righteous bible-thumpers can do about it," he said in a very babying voice as he rubbed Angela's moist crotch, forcing a throaty canine purr of enjoyment from her.

"Wow, she's already wet?" Ren asked as he walked over to the dog-girl and looked her over with greater interest.

"Yep, you can choose how easily they get into heat. Depending on what animal they use for the cross-breeding process, you can make them in heat only at certain times of the year, whenever you get them aroused like a Human, or have them be in heat year-round," Kensuke explained as he began rubbing his pet's two perky breasts.

"So I take it you took year-round?" Ren laughed as his hand hovered over the hairless nether lips of the girl. "Can I?" he asked.

"Knock yourself out. That's what I brought you here for," Ken laughed as he began tweaking Angela's nipples, causing the girl to pant and whine in delight. Ren slowly stroked her small labia and gently circled around her slit, forcing her clit to rise out at almost an inch long. He then began diving deeper into her entrance and marveling at its dampness, heat, and narrow width.

"Wow! She's got a small pussy," he awed as he slipped a lone finger into her. Instantly, Angela arched her back and whined in joy.

"Yeah, another nifty feature about the design process. I had her snatch designed to be as narrow as a dog's, guaranteeing 100 percent tightness every time."

"Any other special features?"

"One last one, yes," Ken grinned as he grouped his pet's cupcake breasts and squeezed them hard. Suddenly, a few thin streams of warm milk seeped out of her teats, forcing a yelp from the dog-girl.

"You always DID have a thing for lactation," Ren chuckled as he quickened his finger's inserting pace.

"Hnnnah! Hah hah hah!" Angela began panting and purring as she started bucking her lower body to Ren's finger.

"Wait 'til you see her cum, it's fucking great. But first, let's get her onto the ground so I don't have to clean up the couch later," the creature's master said as he and his friend left Angela on the couch and walked over to the pavement floor. Angela flipped herself on all fours and hopped down over to the two young men where she lowered her upper body to the floor so her snatch would be in plain view of the two.

"She's smart," Ren said as he bent down and continued to stimulate her sex with his lone finger. Angela squirmed and whimpered in delight at being fingered once more and lifted her wagging tail up to give Ren a better view.

"Well, I trained her to do that when she was just a puppy," Ken said as he began taking off his clothes.

"Huh? How old was she when you got her? And what did she look like? A dog?" his friend asked as he too took off his clothing to prepare himself for the day's little session.

"Well, she was grown in the lab until she was about six months old. That was when I got her. She looked about three or four back then."

"Dude, tell me you didn't fuck her at that age…" Ren shivered.

"Oh, hell no!" he laughed. "But I trained her to respond to the commands and actions when she was about 20 months old. By then she looked twelve and was already becoming sexually mature. It wasn't until she was a little over 30 months old that I finally had sex with her." Ken then worked his cock up into an erection and then presented it to the dog-girl. Angela swallowed the length with her small mouth and began licking and suckling his muscle.

"She gives head too? Damn!" Ren then worked his finger even faster until Angela's lower body shook and bucked against his hand hard and fast.

"Mmm….Yeah….She's really good at it too since her tongue is like a dog's…Aaaahhhh…." Ken groaned as his member stiffened even more with every suck and lick his pet gave it. Then finally,

"Aahn! Arrrrrooooooo!" Angel howled in ecstasy as she bent her face to the sky and yelped as her snatch started to spray a long stream of fluid in her orgasm in synch with her master's facial he gave her.

"So, can I fuck her for real?" Ren asked.

"Sure thing, pal," Ken smiled as he sat on the couch and began stroking his penis into a full erection again. "I'll jerk off to you two, if you don't mind."

"Ok, then," Ren breathed as he took off his pants and unsheathed his hard cock before slowly directing it into the dog-girl's dripping cunny. As he moved into Angela slowly, she and Ren each panted and moaned in joy at the warm, extreme sensations that washed over them.

"GAWD!" he coughed as he tried to slowly move in and out of the ever so slick and narrow channel. "She's amazing….!"

"Ahr….Ahhn…." Angela whimpered as he pushed her rear against her partner in tune with his slow thrusts. Sweat began to drip down Ren's body as his loins burned in delight from the wonderful sensations of screwing the dog-girl.

"Mm…Yeah…She's always a real treat to fuck, no matter how shitty your day was…" Ken panted as he stroked his member gradually faster, keeping up with his friend and pet.

"Shit…! I'm gonna cum, man! Do I need to pull out?" Ren panted hard as he felt release grow closer for him.

"Nah…Just…Nngh…Unload….She won't…get pregnant…!"

"Ok…!" was all Ren could say as he finally fired a long thick stream of his semen, filling available crevices or gaps inside of Angela. Next to come was Ken as he hurryingly ran up to his pet and sprayed her eager face with his cum, triggering Angela to finally let one long and high-pitched yelp of joy as she shuddered in her tremendous orgasm.


"Thanks for everything, Kensuke," Ren thanked his friend as he made his way out of the door and onto his car.

"Hey, I gotta find SOME way to keep her from getting too horny, don't I?" the brown haired man laughed as he waved goodbye to his friend driving off. As he made his way inside, an idea struck him. "I wonder how Amy and Shinpei are doing?" he mused aloud as he took out his cell phone and called his ex-girlfriend.

To be continued…