"I'm home!" Amy called as she shut her house's door and put away her coat. It had been a long day for Amy Jenson, what with her being an advertisement designer for the Relland's Fashion Company. On days like this, what she wanted more than anything was some relaxation by a nice hot bubble bath and to spend some alone-time with her cat Shinpei.

"Shinpei, dear! Mommy's home!" she called happily to her pet as the soft trotting of feet came to her. There before her now was her cat Shinpei, a slim and beautiful cat-boy cloned from her ex-boyfriend's genes. Though he shared about 97 of his genes with Kensuke Omaki, he was much younger looking and had a more boyish appearance in all but one area: his penis. His ears and tail were tall and velvety with soft russet fur while the rest of his body (pubic area included) remained virtually hairless.

"Hello, there, baby," Amy cooed as she hoisted her pet onto his hind legs and hugged his lean form. "Did you miss Mommy?" she smiled.

"Reow!" Shinpei smiled as he licked her soft cheek with his bristly tongue, purring.

"Well then, Mommy is going to take a nice bubble bath, so you can go lay down on the bed and wait for me, ok, honey?" the brown-haired girl let her cat-boy back onto his four feet and rubbed his soft ears, to which he purred incredibly. As the young woman made her way to her closet to undress, she thought about how stressful work was becoming in her department, especially with the new designs needed for the spring session of the Paris Montage her company was working on. What she needed right now was something to accessorize women who wanted a more feral look in the way they dressed, something that could bring out the tigress in every woman.

But that wasn't her concern until work tomorrow. Right now, she needed to relax in her Jacuzzi tub. Completely undressed now, she walked to her bathroom and shut the door a little to keep the warm air inside. Amy hummed a merry tune from her childhood as she began to fill her large tub with steamy water and effervescent soap, then slowly sliding into the welcoming warmth of the bath, sighing as her body ceased its tenseness.

"Mm…That's SO much better…"she cooed as she sunk her head below the water surface to get her short brown hair wet. She then rested her head against the padded head and neck rest on her tub's edge, letting her eyes close and her body relax. Before she realized it, she heard a sad mewing from her bedroom as she awoke with a start, seeing on her bathroom clock that it had been a full hour since she had been bathing.

"Sorry, baby! I'll be right there!" she called to her cat-boy as she undid the bath plug and exited it to dry off before changing into her bathrobe. "Hey, Shinpei, sorry I kept you waiting…" she apologized to her pet as she laid next to his more petite form and rubbed his ears.

"Reow…" Shinpei purred as he snuggled to his owner.

"Would you like to clean Mommy off, Shinpei-honey?" she asked sexily to him as she stood up to discard her white robe and crawl up to her pet, just as nude as he was.

"Meow!" he smiled as he began to lick his mistress's face gently, her tongue dancing with his briefly as she rubbed his soft and sleek form. He soon finished her beautiful face's cleaning and trailed down to her neck and throat, where his bristly tongue made her shiver in delight.

"Mmm…Good kitty…" Amy purred as she petted her cat-boy's back all the way to his small and soft rear. Shinpei continued his lapping until he made his way to his mistress's bountiful chest. Her nipples were already at full attention by now, and began to ache in pleasure as the cat-boy's rough tongue stimulated them to no end. Amy was having trouble keeping balance on her hands as her pet went on lapping at her breasts, almost looking for milk like a little kitten with his mother. "Hold on a sec, baby…" she breathed as she adjusted her position on her bed and laid on her back, her legs open to her pet's view.

"Meow?" Shinpei paused as his owner rubbed her now moistened snatch in front of him, which he soon understood as he bent his childish face to it and began to lap at her like he had been trained to do long ago.

"Ah!" Amy jounced in place as she was still shocked by the bristly tongue licking her womanhood. "G-Good boy…Lick Mommy nice now, and you'll get to have some fun with her and your naughty places…" she managed to say in between shudders. She massaged her breasts eagerly as her body heated and burned with passion as the boy continued his devious work. Soon, it was too much as Amy cried out in bliss from her powerful orgasm, writhing in place as her feline partner continued to drink from her cup which runneth over. With a simple clicking sound from her mouth, she instructed her pet to cease his actions for a bit, so she could enjoy her afterglow for a few moments.

"Reow?" Shinpei mewed as he snuggled next to his keeper and licked her face affectionately to clean off her accumulated sweat.

"Mmm…You're such a good boy, Shinpei," Amy sighed as she rubbed his cat-ears in return. She gazed over to his crotch and saw his fully erect member throbbing lightly. Amy had been given the option of upgrading his penis to being more cat-like; that is, making it ribbed and bumpy, maximizing pleasure. But she was satisfied with it being identical to her ex's in every way. Deep down, she still had a bit of love for Kensuke, but he just wasn't mature enough to be serious in their relationship. And, she admitted that she did nag to him a bit too much as well when they were together, so really, it made perfect sense that the two of them wanted to get anthro clones of the other, just to keep something to remind them of one another.

"Now, Shinpei-honey?" she began as she finally felt ready to take a full session of sex with her pet. "Do you want to stick it in Mommy?" she asked as she got on her hands and knees, her rear waving in front of the cat-boy teasingly.

"Reow!" Shinpei cheered as he mounted his mistress, fumblingly attempting to enter her slick channel. After an assist from Amy, the boy made it inside, purring as he felt her slippery and tight tunnel grasp him. Instinct took over and he began to hump his keeper's sex, the two of them crying in pleasure as their coitus drove them over the edge. For Amy, it reminded her of the tenacity and prowess Kensuke had, causing her to tighten instinctively around her anthro partner. Shinpei's already animal mind was a fuzzy pink haze of enjoyment and satisfaction as he felt as if he could die from the intense pleasure he was receiving. More and more, the two panted and sweated from their love-making, huffing and mewing together until the cat-boy finally came in long and powerful bursts, sending Amy into ecstasy as she collapsed and shook with each ripple throughout her body, even from Shinpei's penis shrinking from within her as he withdrew and licked himself clean, looking like a human contortionist with a cat-behavior fetish.

Amy drifted in her euphoria for countless moments, thinking of Kensuke and Shinpei as one person…An idea struck her head, and she immediately went to grab her home phone next to her bed, only to have it ring just as she touched it. She paused for a moment before picking it up and answering.

"Hello? This is Amy."

(Amy? Hey! It's Ken,) he ex-boyfriend's voice said excitedly.

"Hey Ken. I was just thinking of you and Shinpei right now," she giggled.

(Me AND Shinpei?) She could practically see his grin. (How so?)

"Well, believe it or not, I just got done having sex with him right now, and I was reminded of how great you were in bed."

(No shit? Ha ha ha ha! I actually just got done having sex with Angie just now too.)

"Yeah, but you fuck her at least three times a day, Ken," Amy sighed.

(Oh, I'd say it's a little less than that, but that's not what I called you for, Amy.)

"Oh? Do tell."

(Yeah, I got an interesting idea for you. What if we arranged a play-date for our two pets? They've never met, after all.)

"Interesting indeed…" Amy mused as Shinpei snuggled up to her and began to clean her sweat-soaked body. "I was actually thinking of something much more…devious."

(How devious?)

"Like maybe a foursome?"

There was silence for a bit.

"Well, what do you think of that?"

(I'd have to say that I'm thinking 'Who are you, and what have you done with Amy?')

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, c'mon! It'll really be like having sex with two of us. Besides, you know I've never had a problem with women before."

(Yeah…But I sure as hell don't want Shinpei up my ass or licking my cock…)

"But think about it, you get to bang two of me for it."

(VERY tempting…)

"How about if I let you and Shinpei double-team me?"

(Ugh…Ok…Man, I think screwing that cat has gotten you crazier than ever,) Kensuke laughed.

"Well, he is a younger version of you, the you that was wild and kinky in a fresh sort of way."

(Alright. What time is good for you tomorrow?)

"Not tomorrow. How's this Friday at noon?"

(Friday at noon? Sure. We'll see you two there.)

"Ok, later then."


Amy gave a satisfied sigh as she embraced her cat-boy and cuddled with him as they both eventually fell asleep together, thoughts of sex and merriment dancing in their heads.