does she have a name? if so
no one has spoken it for a century
and she sits in the darkness a
lonely in the cover of shadow
with blood running down her arms

she made the cuts herself
with papa's knife but
she whispered when she did it

: "bless me father for i have sinned"

and nobody thought she could
talk at all because they n
ever(yone) wasted their time
and for her the clock has stopped

it chimes 13 times before
it falls silent to the hell be
low whispers rasp across the shards
of the shattered face
which followed these laws
so faithfully

and at oneOclock the scars had healed
to bloodless white ribbons; at two they
faded and at three they were invisible
but she always knows they are (t)here

children laugh as they play
and she feels cheated for the laughter
that never spilled from her lips; she
never learned how

never responded to their empty s
miles to go before twilight
on this faded beaten path and
at night the road is black

but in the morning it's real/ly

and is this world so believable?
she only wanted to be loved but
they knew nothing
except her lashing eyes

the snow is falling on her lips
and she says nothing more
only sits with/in the dark

with a broken clock
a knife on the floor
and she bleeds to death on
their book of rules in a dirty
forgotten corner where no

one will go to find her
to hear her confession

o save her from yOur sin