Your Shallow Habits

By Jenecis

Open your eyes

There's more to life than just lies


Can't you see that you are dying inside?

What is it that you are trying to hide?

Are you scared that when you search your mind,

Deep down, there will be nothing you will find?


An empty shell, a hollow grave,

Are you Gluttony's indulgent slave?


Beneath your skin, are you still alive?

Yet your soul is sold, free will barely survives.

To be like the others, it that worth the strive?

Blood is synonymous with playing with knives.


They are bleeding too can't you see?

Is this what you really want to be?


Inside that desire, that toxic fire,

Lies the heart of a strangled liar.

Dead as sun in the midst of the night,

There's hope, but habit sweeps it from sight.


It's too hard, said the withered stalk to the tree

This is how I've grown to be


You've got one more chance you've got to try

You're too old to live like this ... and too young to die

Carpe Diem.

And Peace

- Jenecis.