Annoyances? Think Again.

by K's Moonshadow

A newborn's wail,

Means her lungs are working.

A toddler's tears,

Mean his nerves still feel.

A child's "Why?",

Means she's using her brain to discover her world.

Constant tattling,

Means he's learning control and compromise.

Kids fighting one minute and hugging the next,

Means they're learning how to interact with people.

An obsession with pink unicorns or toy trucks,

Means they're accessing themselves.

A preteen rolling her eyes and sighing,

Means she's being smart and biting her tongue,

A teen's attitude,

Means he's becoming his own person.

An argumentative personality,

Means they have an innate sense of fairness.

A youth's sarcastic wit,

Means she understands irregularity.

A debating college student,

Is setting his own morals and boundaries.

A 24yr old moving from city to city,

Is finding her place in the business world.

A 28yr old working constantly,

Is saving himself for that special someone.

A 32yr old avoiding home,

Is worried about starting her own family.

A 36yr old with too many wallet pictures,

Has just discovered the joy of a new life.

A 40yr old experiencing a minor breakdown,

Is relearning how to deal with stress effectively.

A 44yr old penny pincher,

Is preparing for retirement.

A 48yr old protective parent,

Is struggling to let their child be independent.

A 52yr old that's clingy,

Doesn't want to start over with an empty house.

A 62yr old spoiling the grandkids,

Teaches them about the sweet things in life.

A 72yr old arguing about nursing homes,

Still feels confidant and loves life.

An 82yr old reminiscing constantly,

Is keeping her mind agile.

A 92yr old holding his breath,

Wants to stay for just one more day and love once moreā€¦