Prologue - Silver Lined Promises

His eyes glinted black in the moonlight as though they were onyx stones embedded between the thick scales of his skin. Savath EmberClaw stretched his wings in impatience, watching the silver lined moon dance on the waters before him. The cold wind was causing an unintentional shutter to course through his body for he was not accustom to this part of the world. Being outside the territory of the Fire Dragons was an unusual thing for him and it wasn't long before he started wishing he were back home near the warmth of a blazing volcano.

"Savath, does it ail you so to be this far north?" The harmonious voice of Yeve SilverWing echoed over the waters that surrounded them. Even from the distance of the sky she could see his discomfort with the situation.

Savath let out an irritated snarl seeing only the pale blue shine of Yeve's underbody eclipsed against the moon. "Is there nothing more productive to you then finding humor in the situation?"

Chuckling silently at his poor disposition Yeve's musical wisped voice floated down to Savath with her descent from the clear blackened skies. "Why Savath, I'm not mocking your presence, nor the ill luck that has befallen us. I am simply amused at your lack of control over such a notable weakness. Being the warrior that you are I thought surely you would keep your vulnerability better confined."

A stab at his dignity. Savath glared, a warrior indeed he was but of his own noble kingdom and none other. "There are centuries between the presence of silver rimmed moons just as there are centuries between my visits to your terribly chill lands. Does it not seem at all unreasonably insulting when I deal with cold as often as that moon is present?" The anger in his tone was as noticeable as the shivers that still ran through his wings.

Yeve landed at his side, tucking her graceful silver wings back and gazing at Savath in earnest sentiment, "Forgive my ignorance as I meant no harm. As a warrior and the noble leader of the Fire Dragons I assumed in voicing my observation it would be helpful to you."