You lit incense
to mask the smell of the drugs we were smoking
and your ID was covered in powder (white&blue&green)
and we burned eden with smiles and innocence.

(we twist and break
for yesterdays that were all games and mud puddles)

the paychecks are handed out on Fridays
and your shaking hands read the amount
and my eyes close as we try not to run to the bank.
the numbers in your pocket are heavy in my head.

We sit on your floor and pass the pipe back and forth.
my head is on your shoulder,
and I'm watching family guy while my eyes dart to yours.

We fall asleep fucked up on pills,
with the volume on your TV to low to hear,
the steady murmur of Disney makes my head pound.

I hallucinate in sepia tones,
butterflies and cocaine and snakes,
and my hands bleed.

(lets strip it down to bones and
pearls, and you'll learn piano,
while I write bad poetry on your palms)