Shadow of the earth

there's nothing around here but the wind closing in

the sky's a dome that carries so much pressure

like the impossible dimensions will split into scales

and fall on us like frozen myths

dragonflies in an invisible plastic world

can't you see why I can't concentrate now?

every day I go into a daze my hair gets in my eyes while I run into the sun

the constant promise if I give up today I'll survive tomorrow

well, it worked for you

it's our obligation to the next great trend

my old broken headphones send sparks flying into my brain

screaming insurrection

we're marching to repetition and it's called a revolution

as art turns to ash

I'm a convoluted contradiction

Making jokes that you don't get

mezmerized since anonymous became a house-hold name

bored and scared

alternating between anger and apologies

it's not edgy enough but it's entertainment

I can't change much besides my image

That's all I've got, believe me

I see myself on all those screens

In the background, you dying to be me

It's never made that much sense, I'll admit

But just don't think about those things

Freedom from everyday decisions unrelated to you

The formula was perfect until we replaced the numbers with people

So just do the opposite in your thoughts

I'm obscure

Everywhere I look

everyone is dying to prove they're not just like me

For one second I want to stop running and just watch the satellite

Fall into the shadow of the earth

But I no longer have that option