The kid who lost a time machine

You held back for so long just for the sake of self-restrain

When you shouted all alone but would never fix it

But now you're more confused then ever and it hasn't improved with age

So just this once you want an exit sign

But it's disappeared

Like everything taken in your sleep

Put down for just a second only to be stolen

By someone no one will suspect exists

You're stuck facing this

And it makes no sense

The battlefront occurring in our heads

So do what you want before it's in style

Then throw it away with the rest of the file

The rain is falling on an attention seeker

So look out your car windows everyone

And see what you think they did

Throw back your head and laugh, new hairstyle flying apart in the misty wind

(You're angry

But why you don't know

Destroy energy

Create a new low

Take me in your hands

And just let go

Because it's obvious

It's all contemporary show)

Remember all those years ago you begged for a black light bulb?

But it was so much more purple than you thought it would be

It's important never to forget anything

Now that you can't change it anymore

("I have to be alone for a while. I'll come back when you've changed.")

("That means never.")

but I didn't say it