"Ahahahahaahahhaahah!" a pretty blonde girl in a pink dress screams.

"Boo ga! Boo ga! Boo ga!," A giant gorilla bangs on his chest mightily. He takes the girl in the pink dress and swings her over his shoulder. He begins ascending the large building.

The superheroes arrive on the scene Captain Bottle Pop and Mrs. Bruce Willis Man. They stand proudly on the side walk below in rather unusual superhero attire.

Captain Bottle Pop a rather skinny fellow, wears a blue towel masquerading as a cape, faded and torn jeans, a red long sleeve shirt, with the letters C.K. carefully placed on with masking tape and pink tinted oversized glasses shade his almond shaped eyes. His black hair his tied back in a messy ponytail and his dirty black and white running shoes grace the hot pavement.

Mrs. Bruce Willis Man a strong portly girl wears relatively new denim pants, a pink tutu, black flip flops and an orange sleeveless shirt. A piece of toilet paper is tied around her forehead. A silver scarf is tied loosely around her neck. A red rose is placed neatly behind her ear, complementing her light brown reddish hair. She carries with her a rather unusually large shoe named George.

"I are Captain Bottle Pop!"

"And I are Mrs. Bruce Willis Man."

Captain Bottle Pop puts his hands on his sides authoritarian like.

"I are will distract King Gorilla Man Boobs with this dance I are learnt in Grade 1."

He puts his out his right hand and points his index finger in the air. He begins to bounce up and down.

"Psst…" says Mrs. Bruce Willis Man. "Your pants are fell down.

Captain Bottle Pop looks to the ground.

"Oh no, wardrobe malfunction," he says in surprise.

King Gorilla Man Boobs looks at the commotion bellow him. He almost drops the girl.

"Ah ha!" says Captain Bottle Pop. "King Gorilla Man Boobs is…"

"Ummm…gay?" says Mrs. Bruce Willis Man.

"No pregnant!" he replies. "He are a girl."

"What! I'm not pregnant," King Gorilla Man Boobs booms angrily. "Nor am I girl." And to show how angry I am I might just drop this here girl!"

"Fancy that!" says Captain Bottle Pop. "Quick Mrs Bruce Willis Man I'll continue to distract King Gorilla Man Boobs and you are use your super speed and strength to catch the girl."

"Which girl?" asks Mrs. Bruce Willis Man.

"The one in the pink dress, the one King Gorilla Man Boobs is endangering right this very moment."

"Oh I are thought you meant the fat one in the black with the funny mask. The one that is standing on top of the building who looks like she may jump."

"Noooo that's Fat Bandit! She are helping King Gorilla Man Boobs," says Captain Bottle Pop. "She are not about to leap to her death!"

"Ooooh OK what about the girl wearing the exceptionally large black framed Buddy Holly like glasses and the green blanket?" says Mrs. Bruce Willis Man.

Captain Bottle Pop feels frustrated. He sighs in agony.

"Noooo that's Ultra Nerd, wearing a green cape." he replies. "Also I are already told you it's the girl in the PINK DRESS."

There is a high pitched scream of terror. King Gorilla Man Boobs dangles the girl over the building. He swings her to and fro, hundreds of feet above the pavement. The girl came to the conclusion that this may be the end as she was faced with her impending death. The Fat Bandit and Ultra Nerd look on from above.

Bellow Captain Bottle Pop has a sudden revelation. Using his ultra secret power of gay-dar he determined the following: King Gorilla Man Boobs is a repressed homosexual.

"King Gorilla Man Boobs," Captain Bottle Pop calls. "You're hero and favourite football player Apollo Septuagenarian is gay. GAY!"

"Oh my goodness," says King Gorilla Man Boobs. "I never knew that."

Unfortunately King Gorilla Man Boobs continues to climb the building.

"I are have a better idea," says Mrs. Bruce Willis Man." She ran up the building and uses her super strength to shake it. There were muffled screams in side the building. Fat Bandit and Ultra Nerd prepare for an emergency crash landing. King Gorilla Man Boobs gets distracted, loses his grip, falls and dies.

"I'm not dead!" says King Gorilla Man Boobs.

What about the girl in the pink dress? Mrs. Bruce Willis Man catches her just in time of course.

"Yay!" says the girl in the pink dress. "You saved me. How can I ever repay you?"

"By not letting a big stinky gorilla with man boobs kidnap you for one thing," says Captain Bottle Pop.

"How was I supposed to know I met him online," says the girl in the pink dress. "This was a date."

"Well it was our pleasure helping you Miss…" says Captain Bottle Pop.

"Princess Jo," the girl in the pink dress replies.

"Princess Jo," says Mrs. Bruce Willis Man. "The Princess Jo?"

"The very one," Princess Jo replies happily.

Captain Bottle Pop ignores Princess Jo's nattering and chirping and looks at his watch.

"Well we must be going," he says.

"What for?" says Mrs Bruce Willis Man.

"Oh you know," says Captain Bottle Pop.

"Oh I are see," Mrs. Bruce Willis Man replies.

The superheroes have to go as their alter egos Nigel Bottington and Norma Normington will be late for their job at the Bamboozle Times.

"Well all in a days work," says Captain Bottle Pop.

"Yes and entire day," Mrs. Bruce Willis Man.

Captain Bottle Pop jumps into Mrs. Bruce Willis Mans arms. She speeds off leaving a cloud of dust. All that was left was a silhouette of the pair and the mess they created. Princess waves happily at them.

"Good bye!" she calls.

The Fat Bandit and Ultra Nerd make their way down the now lopsided building, (no thanks to Mrs. Bruce Willis Man) on a rope ladder. They inspect the damage caused by their enemies.

"Oh no! King Gorilla Man Boobs is dead!" says Ultra Nerd.

"I'm not dead!" says King Gorilla Man Boobs boomed. "I am in absolute misery if you care to know though."

"Then why are you lying in a pathetic heap?" says Ultra Nerd.

"Ultra Nerd, he just fell off a building," says Fat Bandit. "You're really insensitive to all things fat. Stop being a weird NERDY retarded weird girl."

"But," Ultra Nerd starts.

"But nothing…" says Fat Bandit. "Oh no Princess Jo is getting away!"

"But I haven't even gone anywhere silly," Princess Jo giggles.

"I told you we should have come up with a better plan," says Fat Bandit.

"What are you talking about? Wasn't it your plan?" says Ultra Nerd.

What was their plan? Was it to stop bestiality between King Gorilla Man Boobs and Princess Jo? No. It was merely a cleverly staged plot in which Fat Bandit and Ultra Nerd would save the day, but those dastardly superheroes Captain Bottle Pop and Mrs. Bruce Willis Man just had to show up.

"Fat Bandit, promise me you wont stage another botched rescue operation again," says Ultra Nerd.

"How else are we supposed to be superheroes," Fat Bandit replies.

"I don't know but all were coming across as is super villains," says Ultra Nerd.

"Rave on!" says Fat Bandit.

"Never mind," says Ultra Nerd.

The super villains look at Princess Jo and King Gorilla Man Boobs, who is not dead, but badly hurt.

"Should I melt her brain?" says Ultra Nerd.

"Nooo I got a better idea," says Fat Bandit.


The Fat Bandit kicks Princess Jo. She goes flying through the air.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," Princess Jo screams.

"Fat Bandit," says Ultra Nerd. "Were going to be late for work."

"But King Gorilla Man Boobs needs medical attentions," says Fat Bandit. "I'll drag him to an animal doctor clinic place with my super fat strength."

"OK I'll cover for you," says Ultra Nerd.

Fat Bandit and Ultra Nerd coincidentally also worked at the Bamboozle times under the alter egos of Philis Philmore and Ashleigh McGlonagkic.

"I have just the distraction," Ultra Nerd says happily. "You get King Gorilla Man Boobs to a hospital." She flies off.

Fat Bandit drags King Gorilla Man Boobs slowly and painstakingly to the veterinarians.

Not so far way in newsroom in a distant corner of the city of Bamboozle sits a lonely reporter for The Bamboozle Times Sarah Evans.

Sarah has a busy day ahead of her. It was 10 minutes before the story assignment meeting. She sips her herbal tea nervously. She is the only reporter that doesn't drink coffee on the obscure reasoning that it matched her skin and therefore coffee was a terrible thing. Her green eyes look forlornly at the computer screen while, her long black messy hair obscuring her vision and genuinely annoying her, as it has a peculiar habit of falling in her food and drinks and getting blown in her face on a windy day or if a fan happens to be blowing at her, which one is, but enough about Sarah and her dastardly hair.

At this very moment busy reporters scuttle past her, the usual hustle and bustle of the Bamboozle Times, newsroom. No one notices Sarah, which suited her because she has other things on her mind.

Eight minutes to the story meeting…

Sarah is apprehensive about the impending meeting. She hopes she will be assigned a real story for once rather than the entertainment fumberfluff the news editor always assigns her. Was it because he never seemed to take her seriously? Most likely. Was it because she is a girl? Probably. Sarah hopes she will be assigned the big story about the Fat Bandit, a villain notorious for kicking and her evil sidekick Ultra Nerd who somehow managed to melt people's brains.

Six minutes to the story meeting…Five minutes…four…

She saunters into the meeting room. Norma Normington a portly grammar challenged Sports editor of Russian decent with reddish brown hair and brown eyes sits beside Nigel Bottington, the disgruntled Eurasian editor in chief. They sit inconspicuously at the table. Nigel narrows his almond shaped eyes and glares at Sarah, the usual pre story meeting greeting. One would think Nigel was in bad if he wasn't mean to Sarah in fact he'd be assumed to be a strange mood if he were nice to anyone.

He silently whispers, "I don't like you."

The words float nastily to the expecting Sarah's ears, another common occurrence.

Ashleigh McGlonagkic the sarcastic, nerdy, weird, retarded looking photographer and Philis Philmore the angry short and slightly plump coffee girl sit across from them. The photocopier which Nigel named Charles Barrynice because it copies very well sits in the far end of the room. The long green wooden table gleams pristinely under the fluorescent lights, waiting for reporters and other staff to sit at it, to discuss newsworthy business type conversations. If this table could talk, oh the stories it would tell, but to think of a table talking is ridiculous tomfoolery especially to Sarah.

"Hey guys," says Sarah attempting to sound cheerful. "Norma, why are you wearing a pink tutu?"

"Because it are a beautiful fashion accessory," Norma replies. She looks around nervously… "That's Tops!" She gives the thumbs up and a distinctive facial expression. The kind you'd have to be present to see in order to describe it properly.

"Hey! Doesn't Mrs. Bruce Willis Man wear a pink tutu?" Ashleigh asks.

"SHUT UP!" says Nigel. "I mean Norma is a fan of Mrs Bruce Willis Man."

"Ah, that makes sense," Ashleigh replies.

"Yes it are does," says Norma.

"Norma you work at a newspaper, can't you speak properly?" says Sarah.

"I are write differently than I are speak," says Norma.

"You are!" says Nigel.

"No you is," Norma says.

"Ummm that didn't make any sense," says Sarah.

Ashleigh fiddles with her camera…Philis sits beside her nerdy friend. Here brown eyes which are usually full of contempt look vacant and emotionless and her brown hair was some what longer. She remains unusually silent.

"What's with Philis?" says Nigel.

"Ummm…I don't know," says Ashleigh sounding suspicious.

"Wait! That's not Philis. That's just a dummy meant to look like her," says Sarah.

"Noooo it isn't," says Ashleigh. She scribbles something on her steno pad notebook. She takes a stapler and posts a message on Philis forehead.


Nigel, Norma and Sarah gasp in horror.

"What!" says Nigel. "Ash-leigh you just stapled Philis in the head!"

"Well you see it doesn't hurt her because it got sucked into her fat," Ashleigh explains.

"That are dumb. That are just a store manikin from Sure Save A lot. It are not even fat," says Norma.

"What's that Philis you lost weight?" says Ashleigh.

"Yes," says Ashleigh, clearly imitating Philis's voice.

"Ash-leigh you're a big fat VAGINA!" says Norma. "You are just imitated her."

"Clearly," says Nigel, nodding his head in agreement. "You're a doo doo head!"

"In the pants!" Norma adds.

"Whatever," says Sarah. She rolls her eyes. "The question is: where is Philis?"

"Yes, where are Philis?" Norma agrees.

Three minutes to the story meeting…

Two more reporters file in, Amanda Buckface and Mike Queensburry. This succession was followed by more reporters whose names are not important enough to mention at this moment, followed by a big brown dog, whose name shall not be mentioned as it is the unspeakable name. He sits beside Ashleigh and silently observes the impending story meeting.

Two minutes…

"Wait, who are will get our coffee if Philis are not here?" says Norma.

"She is here," says Ashleigh. She winks. "See she is moving her arm." Ashleigh moves the manikins arm up and down. It makes a squeaking noise.

"Well we CAN'T have out meeting with out coffee," says Sarah.

The other reporters nod their heads in agreement. This defence of coffee was odd considering how she doesn't like it. Then again coffee is an important ritual at all Bamboozle Times meetings even the pointless ones.

"I'll get the coffee," says Ashleigh. She attempts to leave.

"Hey we can't have a meeting with out the photi-o-grapher," says Nigel.

"Ummm…what I'm not just a photographer."

"Yes you is," says Norma.

"Oh yeah," says Ashleigh. "Sooo did you still want coffee?"

"Hmmm…" says Nigel. He strokes his chin appreciatively. "No it's all good the coffee maker is gay."

"Literally or figuratively?" says Ashleigh.

"What are do you mean?" says Norma.

"Oh well is the coffee maker homosexual or is it happy?"

"Uh the second one…" says Nigel. "Now on to important business."

"Well if its happy then coffee shouldn't be a problem," says Ashleigh.

"Yes but, you're a photographer. You don't know how to make coffee…I hired you because you take pretty pictures," says Nigel.

"Ummm…I see," says Ashleigh. "I know how to make it still."

"Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh I don't like that. I hired Philis specifically because she can make coffee."

Nigel waves his arms angrily.

"This is making me angry. Stop worrying about the coffee," he reiterates.

"Well its not very good coffee," says Ashleigh. "I can make better coffee than Philis. I taught her to make coffee."

"Who are cares about coffee!" says Norma.

"But two minutes ago you said we couldn't have a meeting with out it," says Sarah.

One minute…

Philis storms in. "Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. I had troubles walking because I'm fat."

"Excellent," Nigel, "we can have coffee after all."

Philis looks at the manikin appreciatively.

"Thanks for covering for me Ashleigh," she says quite obviously. She picks up the manikin and tosses it aside carelessly. It hits the floor with a light thud. Ashleigh rolls her eyes. Idiot! She thinks.

"Umm…Phi-lis," says Norma. "Coffee?"

"I made it already," she says pointing her stubby finger at the coffeemaker.

"Philis…the pots empty," says Sarah.

The caffeine addicted reporters begin to show their annoyance to lack of coffee.

"Oh right." She waddles over and flicks a white switch. The light in the story room goes off.

"Philis, wrong switch," says Ashleigh.

"You're a wrong switch," says Nigel.

"You are," says Norma.

"I is," Nigel replies cheerfully.

"Oh sorry," says Philis. "My fat fingers flicked the light switch because I'm fat." She successfully turns on the coffeemaker. The smell of coffee freshly brewing floats through the room.

The meeting begins…

"OK that settled," says Nigel. "On to other business." He stacks some papers on the table and taps them, placing them in a neat pile in order to look professional.

"You there!" Nigel points at a random reporter. "I want a 13" story on the new city budget."

"Amanda how's the story about the rottweiler?" Nigel says.

"He still remains elusive," Amanda responds.

"Hmmm…I see," says Nigel. "The rest of you will have your assignments in your mailboxes…and now to sports with Norma."

"Mr. Editor Sir..." says Amanda, she raises her hands apprehensively. "What mailboxes?"

"Oh you know those mailboxes," says Nigel.

"You mean the ones the advertising department uses?" says Sarah.

"SHUT UP!" says Nigel. "I mean…there will be new ones by the snack bar, next to the coffeemaker."

"Enough about them mailboxes…Mike, I are want a story on the basketball team," says Norma.

"The Bamboozle Buccaneers?" says Mike.
"Yes them ones," Norma replies. "Ashleigh, you is to take looks of pictures that are good for my sports pages."

"As well as the rest of the entire paper," Nigel adds.

"Obviously," Ashleigh replies.

"Oh, what about me?" Sarah says sadly.

"He are just said you is would have your assignment in the mailbox," says Norma.

"Oh wells," says Nigel. "I have just the story for you and it's so great I'll tell you now. You see recently the famous footballer Apollo Septuagenarian just came out."

"Came out of where?" says Sarah.

"You know came out, Apollo Septuagenarian are gay," says Norma.

"Oh OK…" says Sarah apprehensively.

"Yes that's it, I want you to write a 20" story on this," says Nigel.

"Why?" Sarah asked.

"Because it is news," says Nigel. "You're a doo doo head."

"I don't want to!" says Sarah.

"I'll write it!" says Philis.

"No no it is OK. Sarah has it covered. You just make sure we have lots of coffee," says Nigel.

Sarah frowns and pouts. Figures another disappointment for me, Sarah thinks.

"Sarah…are you and your womanly features frowning?" says Nigel, picking up on Sarah's disenchantment. "You knew what kind of paper this was when you were hired here. We have to cater to our audience. Our motto isn't 'were that way' for nothing."

"Yes," says Norma.

"Oh yes Charles. I want you to write a front page story about the Fat Bandit and her associate Ultra Nerd," says Nigel. He faces the photocopier.

Sarah stands up angrily. "That's not fair!" She yells.

"Whoo Fat bandit," says Philis. She waves her arms in the air happily. "I mean boo! Fat Bandit! I'M FAT!"

"Oh Sarah you're a girl. So you can't write it," Nigel says.

"Are you serious?" Sarah says angrily. "That's sexist, that's disgusting, choosing the photocopier over me."

"Well you have woman features," says Nigel. "Charles doesn't. Oh yeah and Charles is a fully fledged reporter now."

"But that stupid machine has only been here a week," says Sarah. "I reckon your just saying he is going to write it, so you can have your way in the paper."

"Well he did a good job of copying. So I figured why not. Give him a chance," says Nigel.

Sarah storms out of the room. "I'll write the story, but it won't be good," she yells.

"You do that!" says Nigel. "Now," he looks at the rest of the reporters creepily, "shall we continue?"

The big brown dog sitting beside Ashleigh is confounded by this confrontation. He decides to ask Ashleigh.

"What's her problem?" he asks.

"Oh I don't know Fergus, maybe she is upset because she is writing a bogus story on a has been football star," says Ashleigh. "Not to mention an inanimate machine is writing the story she really wanted."

"Hmmmm….I see," says Fergus.

"FERGUS! He he!" Nigel bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

"Ashleigh!" says Norma. "You are said the unspeakable name. You is in trouble."

"What? You mean Fergus?" says Ashleigh. "I don't find anything particularly funny about it."

Oh, thought Philis…Is Nigel Captain Bottle Pop? He is certainly susceptible to the unspeakable name. No he is too editor like…she thought. Perhaps I should check on the coffee.

"Ashleigh, I have to go now because I'm fat and I take up space."

"You know Philis you don't have to keep putting yourself down," says Ashleigh.

"Ashleigh if I put myself down I would be a dog and you only put dogs down. Are you saying I am animal like because I'm fat?"

"No Philis," says Ashleigh.

"Hmmm…well I'm going to the corner store to get some mints and stuff," says Philis. She winks at Ashleigh quite obviously. She then meanders away.

Ashleigh is confounded by the behaviour of Philis. She really wished that she would stop winking at her; in fact everyone should stop winking. It was rather unnerving.

Nigel continues to laugh. "Ah ha ha ha it hurts must stop laughing."

Norma stands up proudly. She pulls out a black oversized ratty tennis shoe, with dirty white laces.

"Oh no not George," says Nigel. "Anything but that!"

Norma begins to beat Nigel with the shoe.

"Owe! Stop it!" Nigel cries.

"It are the only way," says Norma. "Sometimes the only way to help someone you hate…I mean love is physical violence."

Ashleigh looks at Norma. George? That's Mrs Bruce Wills Man's shoe. Therefore Norma is Mrs. Bruce Willis Man.

"Interesting," says Ashleigh. "Well I have pictures to take. Specifically the basketball game, I'm just going to converse with Fat Bandit…I mean take pictures. Bye!" She runs off.

Nigel stops laughing. The other reporters confounded by the sudden laughter and the presence of the brown dog, leave the story room.

"Ummm…I think the meeting is over now guys."

"Nigel the reporters are left after you are burst into silly man giggles."

"Oh fancy that," says Nigel. "I didn't have to do any work at all. Now all that's left to do is to drink some coffee. Yes that's it drink some coffee."

Nigel gets up off the floor.

"Nigel," says Norma. "I are think Fat Bandit and Ultra Nerd know our secret."

"That is a problem," says Nigel. "Well you did forget to take you costume off."

"Superhero uniform," Norma reminds him. "I are forgot."

"'I are forgot," Nigel mimics. "Oh geeze expose us why don't you?"

"I are sorry," says Norma.

"Oh are you now?" Nigel growls.

Nigel being the dinklehead he is forgot to mention other items of importance, before the meeting abruptly ended due to his sudden surge of silly man giggling.

He and Norma walk outside into the busy newsroom.

"OK everyone we have an announcement," says Nigel. "I was…we were looking over the budget and well we can no longer afford a coffee maker."

There were murmurs and whispers of dismay and anger.

"No, no, no, not the coffee machine, the one who operates it," Nigel explained. "Philis?"

"Yes," says Philis.





"I'm really sorry but," Nigel says, "you're fired."

"That's not fair," says Philis. "Is it because I'm fat?"

"Yes you're ugly," Norma chimes in. "Go and ummm…die."

Philis starts to cry.

"Nor-ma," says Nigel. "That's not why. It's because of the events in the previous meeting. I realized if a reporter wants coffee they can get it themselves. They don't need someone to do it for them."

"Is it because it affects our independence as journalists?" Mike asks.

"No that would be corporate ownership," says Sarah.

"Yeah whatever Miss Smarty Pants, who is unaware that she is working for a very gay newspaper."

"That makes sense," says Sarah.

"Hmmm… yes," says Nigel. "I meant gay as in happy by the way. Oh yes and I am gay and so is that guy over there."

He points at random reporter. There is awkward silence. The newsroom looks at the outed reporter. The journalist looks at Nigel suspiciously.

"What?" the reporter says.

"Philis, what are you still doing here?" Nigel asks.

Philis stares at the floor, tears welling up in her eyes. She is filled with sadness and contempt.

"What?" she replies.

"Philis…bye!" says Nigel. "Bye!" He waves good bye and smiles smugly at Philis.

"Fine then!" says Philis. "You haven't seen the last of me though."

PUNT! She kicks Nigel in the shins.

"Owe!" says Nigel.

Philis sticks out her tongue and stomps off. The grey carpeted floor shakes beneath her and the startled reporters, editor and the of course the onliest photographer.

"Bye Philis!" says Norma. "Nigel is you OK?"

"I just got kicked really hard what do you think?" Nigel replies.

"You are liked it?" Norma asks.

"Yes I did actually," Nigel responds sarcastically.

He straightens himself up and winces in pain. The reporters' attention to the commotion fizzles. They continue their reporterly like work. Charles the photocopier scans and prints happily. The way the journalists see it is there is people to interview and deadlines to meet. Of course Nigel doesn't see it this way.

"Oi guys I'm not done yet," Nigel whines.

"I have also decided that we don't need a photo-io-grapher anymore."

"What!" Ashleigh exclaims.

"Yes," says Nigel." From now on everyone takes there own pictures."

Ashleigh jumps up from her desk, knocking film equipment and old film canisters on to the floor.

"NIGEL!" says Ashleigh. "Was I really that bad of a photographer?"

"Yes GO AWAY WE HATE YOU!" says Norma.

"I told you to let her down easy," says Nigel. He looks at Norma with disgust. "What you should have says is…Ashleigh we no longer require your services because of corporate cutbacks."

"I thought Norma was more to the point," says Amanda.

"Oh piss off!" says Ashleigh. "Let's see how well you do with out your star reporter," says Ashleigh. She runs off angrily.

"I are think that was a threat," says Norma.

"Hmmm…I think so too," says Nigel.

"Anyways," he continues unaffected by Ashleigh's comments. "I have given each of you cameras and instructions on how to use the coffeemaker."

"Ummm…Mr. Editor Sir," says Amanda. "These are happy fun plastic cameras."

Mike clicks the button on his red and white camera happily.

"This thing is great. Except…" he inspects the camera, "It doesn't take real pictures."

"I can't afford real cameras. Do you think I am made of money?" says Nigel.

"Yes they are do!" Norma adds.

"Well…I don't know…I thought they were a bargain," says Nigel. He stomps showing that he is distressed.

"A Bargain?" says Sarah. "I saw these exact same cameras in the toddler section at Toy World."

"SHUT UP!" Nigel responds with hostility. He looks at Sarah malevolently.

There was silent in the newsroom.

Norma yawns. "I are need a nap."

"Good idea," says Nigel.

The pair mosey off to their consecutive offices.

The newsroom becomes busy again.