As if I was drunk, I stood there. Waiting for the
right people to come and save your
(already damaged) body.

And I never heard a single word of all the things
that were said to me that night.

I was drunk.

Drunk on every tear that refused to
make it's way across my face
(it's not the end),

drunk on every touch that used to be all I
ever needed to feel like an angel
(please hold my hand),

drunk on every word that
might not ever be
said again
(I love you so much).

And I can never stop thinking about your face, and the
way you lay there as if you'd already given
up on every-one that ever mattered to
you in the first place (I don't
want to live with-
out you).

It felt like hours, d a y s w e e k s had gone by, before
I heard that you were breathing again
(it's not your time to let go).

But what can you do, when a soldier is broken
by the people who should've healed him
when he was just a little boy (I wish I
could take it all back for you).

Do you know that I still dream about you
every night? And every time I think
about how your heart stopped
beating, mine breaks a
little more?
to me).

Cuz every time I see you, I realise that I'll
have to live without you some day
(promise you'll stay with me--


For my dad, with all my love.