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Chapter 1


Angel Burke stepped off the bus, tentatively. The bus driver handed her the black suitcase that had been sitting above her for the two hour-long drive. She nodded to him in thanks, but said nothing. She slung her other bag, a ratty black duffel, over her shoulder and picked up the suitcase. Before she could take a step forward she found herself rooted to the spot. Eastwoods Academy rose up in front of her in all it's grandeur looking even better than it had in the catalog. The freshly painted brick buildings gleamed in the sunlight and the manicured lawn shone. But what seemed to sparkle even more than the landscape were the people. People standing around, carrying luggage, chatting with friends all looking like they had just stepped out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. One group of people in particular caught her eye. A few tanned boys and girls were playing Frisbee on the grass directly in front of her. She watched as a beautiful blonde girl jumped up to catch the Frisbee, only to fall down into the arms of a shirtless blonde boy. It was all so perfect it made Angel want to hurl. She half expected a tiny blonde woman in a paisley print dress to walk up to her and say 'Welcome to Stepford Academy. Join us.'

"Excuse me dear," someone tapped Angel on the shoulder and she spun around, "Are you lost?"

Whoa, step back Stepford Angel thought when she saw the perky blond with a name tag that said 'Hello, my name is Ms. Gloss'

"Um," she tried to think of something quickly to make her go away.

"The Room Assignment desk is right over there, in the Main Office," she smiled patronizingly, "I could escort you over there if you don't think you can find your way."

"Um, I'm good, thanks," Angel hiked her duffel back on her shoulder and walked off. What a bitch.

Angel slowly made her way over to the Main Office and approached the woman sitting at the front desk wearing another name tag. 'Hello, my name is Mrs. Parker' this one read.

"Hi," Angel began, but was interrupted by a loud squeal.

"Mrs. Parker," a girl stumbled forward dragging a boy along behind her, "Sorry, you mind?" she asked Angel quickly.

"Whatever," Angel shrugged and let the girl step in front of her.

"So, Mrs. Parker, can I get my key?" the girl asked.

"Are you in a hurry Summer?" Mrs. Parker asked.

"Oh, well," the girl, Summer, giggled again as the boy behind her poked her side.

Mrs. Parker raised her eyebrows, "Christopher, didn't you graduate last year?"

"I failed just so I could re-take your class," the boy replied.

"I'm flattered," she replied sarcastically and handed the girl her key, "Can I help you dear?" she asked Angel.

Angel watched the two of them scamper off, clutching each other's hands.

"I'm new here," Angel told her.

"Alright, hold on." Mrs. Parker pushed her glasses closer to her face and pulled out a new folder, "What year?"

"Tenth and my name's Angel."

She shuffled through a few more papers before coming up with a few sheets of paper and a key, "There you are, room assignment, schedule, and key. The dorm is Taylor, the only co-ed dorm here. Can you find your way?" Mrs. Parker asked.

"I'll manage," Angel replied and walked off.

In truth Angel had no idea where she was going, but she prided herself on being self-sufficient and not asking for help. Besides, none of the people she passed seemed like they would be useful to her. Especially not the boy who she caught pouring something from a silver flask into his Gatorade.

No wonder athletes like Gatorade so much. I never thought to add a little kick. Angel thought. Not that she would've added alcohol to anything she drank.

Finally she stumbled on a tall, white, modern looking building. It wasn't like the other dorms she had passed; they had looked like real homes from the outside. This dorm looked more like a college dorm. Above the oak wood doors was a sheet of metal that read 'Taylor Dorms'.

She walked through the doors and immediately dropped her bags. They were heavy since she had to cram everything into only two bags. She glanced around the common room where people were already lying around, talking, or watching TV. Once again she was surrounded by people who could have, or maybe even were, models. She felt completely out of place.

It's not that Angel was ugly; she just made a point not to look all fake and made up. She was a tiny girl, not even five foot, which sometimes gave people the impression she was timid. Her cherry-blonde hair was short and choppy and just barely brushed her shoulders. Before she had left home she had cut it and streaked the front blue. Her clothes and jewelry proved she was anything but timid. She wore a black short sleeved shirt, hidden by an oversized black sweatshirt and baggy camouflage pants. She had a nose ring and three piercings in each ear. And on her ring finger she wore a small diamond ring which looked very out of place compared to the rest of her tattered appearance.

A few people glanced up at her as she walked through the common room, but no one came over to her. This, she was used to.