Summary- A kitsune, a siren, a torikai, an ookamikai, and a hi-youkai escaped from death and hid in the bodies of five kids who were from the village of Seigaku; Hitaki, Kurosuke, Lizzie, Touma, and Alex. Hitaki was the top student of Seigaku Academy and quite popular. Kurosuke was trained by the infamous Gaara of Zaganda and is trying to find his long-lost twin. Touma came from a family of artists and was the most cold-hearted boy in the village. Lizzie was an orphan when she saw her family killed before her eyes. Alex was a delinquent boy who was also a detective for the artifacts stolen by someone by the name of Tenshi no Kuroi, 'Black Angel'. Who knew that they would find each other once more and save their home from stray demons. Although, the thing is, the Afterlife is still looking for them and won't stop at anything to kill the band of thieves who escaped from them before, the Crimson Blood thieves.

Rated- T

Genre- Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure

Warnings- Shounen-ai, Hetero

A/N- Don't own the manga, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Demon Hybrids


A fow with gold fur ran side by side of a teenage boy, its six tails flowing behind it and piercing gold eyes darting around, ears twitching at the slightest sound. The boy had dark blue hair with crimson red eyes. He wore a black robe and had a necklace with a green gem shaped as a pearl around his neck.

Think we're going to make it? a feminine voice said in his mind.

"Although the hunters are strong and fast, I doubt they will be able to match our speed." the boy answered. He smirked. "No one can match the speed of a hi-youkai."

Kuro-kun, your left. the voice suddenly said. The boy looked to his left and quickly dodged an arrow shot his way. It striked a tree behind them and the two immediately sped off, moving faster than before. They're not going to give up until they catch us.

Kuro snorted. "They can try to, though I'm not sure about the others, Miiru."

The fox turned to the demon. I know. Miaka-san, Ryou-san, and Taka-san aren't as fast as us. What if--

"You shouldn't worry about them too much. If they don't live, it's their own fucking fault." Kuro snapped. He then added softly, "We made a vow when we banded together and we're not breaking it."

If it was anyone, they wouldn't have heard the last comment. Due to Miiru's sharp hearing, however, she heard it and smiled to herself. Kuro-kun has finally learned what it means to have friends. Too bad it might be too late...

They were suddenly ambushed by a group of men armed with arrows, guns, and swords. Stopping short in their running, Kuro and Miiru looked at each other as the men surrounded them, intent on not letting them escaped.

They plan on fighting till the death. If we die-- The kitsune was interrupted by the hi-youkai.

We aren't going to die. If we don't survive, we're going to hide. Kuro said through their link.

The kitsune seemed surprised, although she didn't show it for long. Kuro only caught a glimpse of her eyes growing wide before returning to normal size. How can we hide if we don't survive?

The hi-youkai smirked. Place our souls in the body of a pregnant woman and take over the unborn.

Miiru rolled her eyes. You got that from that book we read last week. You know, when we went to another universe by that strange artifact we stole last month and came across those books they call...manga?

The book was called Yu Yu Hakusho and it sounded interesting. Especially the fact it included demons and other things that are true in our world. Kuro sounded like he was pouting, which was out of character for him. The idea might work for us.

The kitsune rolled her eyes. Alright, alright. We'll try it. Miiru then sounded serious. But if it doesn't work?

"Attack!" one of the hunters yelled out. The others charged at the two.

Kuro summoned a black fire in his hand. Then we'll be giving the Afterlife a whole lot of Hell.


Kitsune - Fox

Siren - Mythical beings whose songs lure people to their island and then kill them. In this story, their music has power (can produce shields, strengthen power, hyponotiz(?), etc) and are all females

Torikai - Bird demon; my term

Ookamikai - Wolf demon; my term

Hi-youkai - Fire demon

Yu Yu Hakusho - A real manga about a boy named Yusuke Urameshi who is a Spirit Detective (Reikai Tantei) and fights demons with his three teammates, Kazuma Kuwabara (a boy with a strong sixth sense and can form a sword out of his own spirit energy (reiki)), Kurama (a fox demon who merged with a human child when he wanted to survive (he got shot when escaping from a heist) and has power over plants), and Hiei (a Forbidden Child of the Koorime and can control fire and has a third eye)

Afterlife - The place you go when you die and get judged by the God of the Underworld, Yama; the place that goes after any demons causing trouble for the humans and/or demons (in this story)