Name: Shadow Moreno

Age: 16 in vampire years (in Love she is 33 in human years)

Height: 5'2

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: grey

Favorite Song: Celebrity Skin by Hole

Motto: "Messing with me is like signing your death warrant."

Shadow took the throne at the young age of fifteen human years. She is smart and quick witted and is able to handle the legendary sword Aransama that she eventually handed down to her son, Adler. She broke the law of marrying a commoner but nobody has dared to try to tell her to marry someone else, due to being scared of her unpredictable temper. She rules the Underground with uncertainty but nobody would ever guess that.

Name: Luca Blackwall

Age: 300+ years though looks 17

Height: 6'

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Favorite Song: Before I Forget by Slipknot

Motto: "The darkness within me is always hungry; do not make me let you be its next meal."

Luca would rather not remember his past and tries not to dwell in it. He destroyed many villages in his long life and killed more people then you would like to know. The last village he destroyed caused karma to come bite him in the ass. A scientist and werewolf sought revenge against Luca who had killed his wife, two sons and had stolen away his only daughter. He made a drug that would make Luca feel pain, love, sorrow and all basic human emoticons that he never had felt before. He lived a troubled existence until the King felt sorry for him and asked him to watch out for his half human daughter Shadow in hopes of letting Luca forget what he had done. Luca eventually came to terms and fell in love with the Underground Queen. He is now with the title of Prince.

Name: Quinn Jenson

Age: 55 looks 15

Height: 5'8

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Favorite Song: These Boots Are Made For Walking by Jessica Simpson

Motto: "If nobody is going to listen to me, at least I have my chair."

Nobody really knows who was insane enough to vamp Quinn though someone took pity on the young boy who was dying of cancer. Now he mostly reads, preferably playboy magazines and sits in his beloved whicker chair that he has lovingly named Renee. Nobody understands his love for the chair, and neither does he for that matter but he does and that is all that matters to him.

Name: Adler Moreno

Age: 17

Height: 6'2

Hair Colour: black

Eye Colour: Blue

Favorite Song: B.Y.O.B. by System of A Down

Motto: "You know those things that go bump in the night? Even they are scared of me."

Son of the favored Shadow and Luca and grandson of the Great Aldous, who had insisted he be called Adler. Adler is quiet and rather not speak, he is closely bonded to Quinn and his father. He hates humans and finds them weak and fragile but eventually falls in love with one just like his grandfather the King did. His best friend is Jagger Midnight, and he'd rather watch a movie alone then go to a big house party.

Name: Zentavious "Zen" White

Age: 43 but looks 22

Height: 6'3

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: gray

Favorite Song: Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Motto: "Dogs are mans best friend, though werewolves are mans worst enemy."

Zen's background is more of a mystery then Quinn's. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got bit by the first truly immortal werewolf scientist Blaine. He got trapped by the vampires who would put CSI to shame and was their "bloodhound". Though Shadow bought his way into freedom once again and he fell in love with her because of that. But knowing there was no future he seeked out a future for himself and found that in Luna Midnight and her two human children.

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