This Is My Story

One memory still haunts me as I speak,
A little girl so fragile and weak.
Taken by a curly red haired boy,
I would become his little sex toy.

As mommy dropped me off,
With a smile on my face.
Soon everyone would know,
And my smile with no trace.

As he put in a movie,
His pants fell to the floor.
I started to scream,
I dont want to play this game anymore.

I kicked and I screamed,
I still dont know,
How I ever managed,
For him to let go.

But by the time he did,
I was out the door and running.

I can remember running down the street,
Into the corner store.
Sitting there screaming,
Crying no more.

I still remained silent,
About what happened that day.
Until someone finally noticed,
I wasnt acting the same way.

So I took a couple seconds,
I got my story right.
I couldnt help but cry,
I tried with all my might.

He denied it when they questioned him,
But it came out before they knew...

Three months of DH,
Yeah thats all he got.
For taking my virginity with permission,
And giving me a scar that can never be forgot.

Authors Note: Anything can happen at any age. Dont take for granted one day. This is true story of how I was raped when I was 9 years old. Reviews are greatly appreciated.