(We Age Like This)

For now I am young and you saw that and wrote
my motions down on brown paper bags that we
threw into the air and danced around like your mouth on my
wrists that you kissed and found filled with ink that
pressed through my fingertips and onto your skin and your spine
and photographs where you looked happy and I looked charming in my
sundress and wool sweater and knees socks that you liked to
peel off so you could touch my ankles to your sheets
that we filled when you'd trail your hands down my throat
and into an aeroplane that carried me through the street
to a place I never knew but where I met you one time
when everything was for the dead but me
which you tried to keep for yourself but were too far above
what you were trying to say to form the smoke you
exhaled from your lungs into words
so you just swayed and hoped I'd be hypnotized into life
and I guess everything in your sight was disposable
when I smiled with a frown at the blue sun you held your face to
your mouth open like a gun filled with blank ammunition.