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Eyes as blue as sadness, had it been a color, hair as golden and fair as hope itself, his face spoke of a tainted innocence. It was an innocence corrupted by too much knowledge. His eyes looked at items at a deeper depth than he had ever wished they did. A child was only a child when they were ignorant of all the tragedies befalling others , but if that was the case, then he was no longer a child. He saw more in one day than a dying old man saw in half his lifetime.

The angel of both light and infinite knowledge was Derik. Derik was a child long haunted by both his past and dread of what the future had in store for him. The tender fledgling had everything before him yet that seemed empty to him, devoid of any value or purpose. That is, until the day he fell quite literally for Osiris.

To say that it had been a bad day for Derik would have been an understatement. First of all, he was at his dad's house for the week which was bad enough for him as it was. Secondly, he had left his PE uniform in the washer at his mom's house. Finally, he was late yet again to school. It was quite normal for him to be late to school but today it was more nerve-wrecking for him. He had wanted to be early to school that day to have some time to ask one of his friends if they would lend him their uniform that morning before they had PE that day. He had no such luck and had to do PE in his school clothes. Of course it was also his luck to have worn some pretty warm clothes as well which made him quite uncomfortable.

The mile run that day had been cancelled thankfully that day but their teacher had decided that they had to do some exercise thus the stretching. He was slow but able until they had to do the sprints. The dark-haired girl in front of him seemed to go quite slowly and odd. She was running a little awkward, almost like she was trying really hard to run straight ahead instead if to the left or to the right.

When they got ready for the last run, the teacher announced that it would be an all out race amongst the class. The last kid to cross the line would run two miles while the rest of the class had free play on the blacktop. It was a simple deal that many agreed with right away as others readied themselves to run for their very lives. Everyone though it was easy enough, so they thought nothing of it. That is, everyone but Derik. Derik was already tired and unsure about how much longer he could go.

All the students lined up obediently at the preparation whistle of the teacher. They readied themselves to run as if their very lives depended on it. Derik did his best to prepare but ended up being shoved behind the rest, so he settled just a little behind the dark-haired girl. He trusted his instinct that she would move quick enough for him to pass her and at least be in front of one person to save his skin. There the tension began to build as they waited for the final whistle to blow. All the group had one foot already in the air to push themselves forward to begin the run and run for it.

The whistle was blown and they were all off like a bullet. Derik was somewhere in the middle still trying to pass the girl who was in all reality, pretty damn fast. She ran with confidence and hard as her legs moved forward like a creature o the run from some savage creature. Everyone else ran hard as their breath came out harshly and heavily all around them. It was as if the whole group were breathing together and there was no oxygen left to breath with everyone hogging it all up. They were just about to get to the end when the most unexpected thing happened.

The girl tripped and sent Derik flying across the last five yards to the finish line when he couldn't stop in time to save himself the long slide across the grass with arms out like Superman.

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