Author's summary: Poor Derik, looks like he might have a little competition from his best friend! Well hopefully he might cheer up in his ride to school, it can't worse can it? Wrong! Things get tense and Josh gets jumped right in front of Derik. What is a guy supposed to do?

"Hey Josh, ready to go?" Josh was sleepy-eyed and yawned grandly with a breakfast bar in one hand and a yogurt in his pocket. Osiris tousled his hair as he nodded and picked up his backpack from the floor and suddenly turned a questioning look at Derik. Derik had never seen him look like that in his whole friendship. Why would he look at him like that when he hadn't even done anything?

He looked at Osiris and smiled. Osiris visibly stepped back and smiled tensely. Derik watched with a wary eye as their body language spoke volumes on exactly how they usually behaved around each other. Josh didn't even try to hide the fact that he wanted, not liked, Osiris. Derik coughed consciously as they finally turned to him and settled their feelings long enough to realize that they had to be going to school. Even Josh being an athlete wanted to be on time so he would be able to warm up for his run after a surgery for his knee.

Once in the car, not even the Halo 2 soundtrack made him feel comfortable with the other two. It was like walking on eggshells to nowhere. No matter how much he tried to avoid any and all discussion, josh seemed bent on staking out what he thought was his. It actually made Derik feel bad for Osiris about all the negative attention that josh was giving her. It hit a spot in him that really made him resolute in treating girls better than most guys did. It even made him feel a little ashamed of Josh for his behavior. He had always known Josh to be pretty polite and nice to others but this was a whole new look at what he was really like underneath it all.

"So Osiris, did you make sure to tell Derik about our relationship?" he tried to put his arm around her. He had ran for passenger seat and told Derik that he would ride to the back of the small yet cozy black beetle. Osiris shrugged away his arm and turned on the heater, as if to tell Josh that if he thought she was cold, she was perfectly capable of just warming them all up.

"There is no relationship other than friends. How many times do I have to repeat myself?" Derik held back his smile though he could feel it begin to tug at the corners of his mouth. Josh actually leered at him and tried to smile at Osiris but Osiris was hell bent on staying alert on the road and verbally told him to back off her. Derik's mouth twitched and Josh leered at him again. They went on in this kind of behavior for quite some time before Josh finally gave in and Derik took out a book to read for the rest of the way to school.

Finally, they got to school as the strain began to weigh on them almost physically. Osiris visibly relaxed at the mere sight of the school in sight and sighed in relief as Derik put away his book and placed his backpack on his lap and readied to hop out and away from these two so they could just go back to themselves. Josh even got ready to hop out though he gave his best friend a look before they parked and got out. It was almost as if he had Derik on a leash and Derik was starting to feel the pull choke him over a girl. He had to admit that she wasn't just any old girl but still, how could a guy forget his best friend just because of a girl?

The two boys thanked Osiris for the ride, as Josh took Derik by the shoulders. They walked through a wall of tension before Josh finally spoke. Derik felt the pull of the leash again. He was being obligated to listen and expected to follow as he was told. He had never in his life been treated this way much less by someone he saw as a best friend.

"Derik, you better not get any ideas about Osiris, got it? You're my best friend so don't try to do anything behind my back. I would hate to…" he never got to finish before a strange guy tackled Josh from behind and they rolled around. First it was just a guy on josh's back and from there it moved to Josh rolling over him and the guy just as quick getting on top.

Derik was stunned. If they weren't so smart, he would have made fun of the fact that they were fighting like a couple. Instead, he knew what would happen and just stayed quiet. As far as he was concerned, if he was in no danger, he didn't have to worry one bit about it. He took the time to notice Osiris walking away from them with a glance at Derik as she mouthed the word, 'Stalker'.

Derik then understood as he saw the guy try to bite and not in even a playful kind of way if not as if trying to get a hold on Josh's neck and possibly…give Josh a hickey. It completely made Derik want to run for the hills and forget he had ever seen anything.

AN: Eww, a hickey in public? I can't even stand some really obvious shows of affection Kissing is ok but too close can be really too close. Well I have no other chapters written up for even a skeleton of I want to happen. sigh I know it might happen so I want to take this moment to tell you that I have nothing against anyone for being in love with someone of the same sex. Ok? I have plenty of friends who have life partners who love each other more than I see in heterosexual couples. Well in the next chapter you'll see just who this lovable guy is and what he's all about when you meet him somewhere you probably expected Osiris to be. Thanks Amei666, your reviews remind me that at least someone reads my stories