Feed me the lies
'Coz you know I'll take them in
Like I took you in my arms
Just for you to rip my heart out

Feed me the lies
Just like you did before
You know I'll let you in
'Coz you know me all too well

I'll jump off a cliff if you'd tell me to
Kill off your fucking father if you're grounded, too
Drink a bottle of sleeping pills
'Coz I know I'll drown in "E" when you're with me

Heed all my cries
'Coz you know they'll never end
Like the time you went away
Just for me to bleed my heart out

Heed my cries
Just like you would before
You know I'll take you in
'Coz you know me all too well

I'll drop out of school if you tell me to
Murder your boyfriend with a "sporky" too
Get off of you tied up in bed
'Coz I know I'll drown in "E", while taking a spot of "V", when you're with me

I'd love to hook you up on the headboard
And hear you scream my name
'Coz I know you'll love the pain
'Coz we're gonna drown in "E" in this game