The Dragon Chronicles By: Kir Sirirn

Episode 1
A mother's cry.

"Hurry Jei," a short woman whispered. "The reavers will be here soon."
"Just let me say good-bye. Please, Viasai?" another woman whispered back.

Jei turned back to the small figure before her. Tears threatened to fall. "Elion…" Her voice started to waver. "Remember… You cant let anyone see what you really are, okay? Always keep your hair pulled back."

The little girl, named Elion, smiled. "Like mommy does?" Jei felt her tears fall down her cheeks.
"Yes, honey, like mommy does." She pet her child's red hair and sniffed. "Now go." Elion hoped on a lone carriage.
"Mommy, you said you were coming."
"I.. I'm sorry, baby." She was being pulled back by her friend Viasai. "I.. I'll see you again. I promise."
"Pinky promise?"
"Yes…" Jei grabbed Elion's pinky with her own and started to cry.

"Pinky promise."

First new story out!! Tch aha! Pink promise aw! I used to do that. Next new story coming soon!!