Male kissing male warning!

The Dragon Chronicles
By: Kir Sirin.

Episode seven:
Elion stumbles on something secret when she awakes…
Oh! What could it be?

Elion rolled over on her alien bed and fell to the wood floor with a THUMP.
"Aw, shit…" She lifted herself up with her arms and held her forehead. "What the hell is this feeling? I feel like I'm gonna puke…" Her nose twitched. "Ugh!" She covered it. "I guess I already have. Sick." She stood up, groggily, and made her way out the bedroom door.
"… Yuikito…" She heard someone say.
"Uh, huh?" She turned her head lazily and saw a bedroom door opened slightly. Elion tip-toed silently to the crack and peered inside. Her green eyes widened. She saw Ayslon and Yuikito kissing! She covered her mouth and gasped.
"Ugh, Ayslon get of me." Yuikito pushed him away. "You stink."
"Aww that isn't nice." Ayslon smiled, pulling Yuikito closer to him. "I smell better than you do."
"I will say it again. You stink."
"Hehe, stop playing hard-to-get. I can see right through you." Yuikito grumbled something, but before they could kiss again, he had spotted Elion.
"Who?" His eyes widened. "Elion?!"
"Huh?" Ayslon looked at he door. "Oh, hey sweetie!" Ayslon waved.
"Uh… Heh, not like that, love! I promise!"
"Get out!"
"Who? Me or he--him?"
"Him!" Yuikito threw his pillow at the door, fully closing it.

Elion sighed and looked at her feet. "Oh my God… That was… So… So hott!" She smiled to herself.

Yuikito walked out of the bedroom and headed for the shower room with nothing but a towel on. He ran into Elion, who was running to check on her dragon. The towel slipped past his fingers and fell to the floor.
"Watch it." Yuikito glared, still sleepy.
"Guh… Uh…" Elion blushed, her bright green eyes traveling downwards. "I… I'm sorry!!" She covered her eyes and ran away. Yuikito looked over his shoulder.
"What the hell was that?"
"What are you doing naked?" Ayslon asked.
"Oh, I was just going to the shower." Yuikito picked back up the towel.
"Oh! Lemme join you!" Yuikito groaned.
Elion ran to the stables, panting. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!!!!
"What's the matter?" Akita asked.
"I just… I just saw… Oh my God…" She covered her mouth, still blushing.
"Elion you tramp."
"You just stood there and looked at it!"
"How'd you know!?"
"I looked in your memories. You whore."
"Ahhh! I'm sorry!!" She fell to her knees. "I'm sorry!!!!"
A loud crash sounded and Yuikito looked up from his shower. "What was that?"
"I dunno…" Ayslon said beside him.
"Yuikito!! Yuikito!!" Elion rushed into the shower. "There's been an attack! A group of dragons have been--" Her jaw dropped as she saw Ayslon and Yuikito in the shower together. They had no shower curtain.
"Oh…" She blushed heavily. "My…." She covered her mouth, eyes trailing once again. "GOD! AHHHH!!! AKITA!!" She screamed and ran out the bathroom.
"What's his deal?" Yuikito asked. "He acts as if he's never seen one before."
"Uh, heh, heh…" Ayslon laughed nervously. He knew Elion's secret. "Funny, right?"
"You disgusting thing."
"I'm sorry, Akita!! I'm sooo sorry!!!" Elion laid on her knees, begging for forgiveness. "I wont ever look again!! I'm sorry!"

"Whore." Akita smirked.

Haha, well! Elion's got a bit of a problem, no? Ugh... My joints ache. Will you see more of Yuikito and Ayslon? ... Maybe... If you do, will it be more detailed? Eh... If I feel like it.