"Get outta my sight!!" Rayl's father cried.

Rayl slammed her door in his face and heard the fine china smash against it. She slumped her back on the door and let out a huge sigh.

Rayl Felesyaa was an only child. She thanked God for that; because she wouldn't want someone else enduring this kind of torture. Her father was an abusive drunk, who drank heavily when Rayl's mother would leave the house to see her secret "other". She was gone about three times a week, and sometimes didn't even come back the next day.

Rayl heard her father turn on the television set. She closed her black eyes thankfully. Her long, blonde bangs fell over her face and her red, spiked hair was smoothed against the wooden door that had been broken off its hinges twice already.

She heard a bottle crash against the wall.

Please don't come in here. She thought desperately. Next she heard the remote thrown against her door.

"Get out here!" That was her father.

She wanted to scream: "Hell no! I've got enough scars already you skitzo!" But if she did, then she would most likely get abused more. She looked at her window. "Fuck it." She stood up and fled the scene.

But Rayl's leg was roughly pulled back into her, almost empty, room.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Rayl looked over her shoulder and saw her father grinning back at her.

He had black hair and the blackest eyes she would ever see. He's teeth were a bit yellowed from all the drinking, but that didn't make him stop.

Rayl bit her bottom lip. Crying wouldn't be the right thing to do right now.

He tugged on her black shoe and pulled her back into her room. Rayl gripped her wristbands tightly, afraid that she'd cry if she let go.

"Your mother's not back yet." Rayl's father's breath smelled horribly. It burned her nose to take the scent in. "You know what that means, don't you?" His voice was a whisper. A deadly whisper that gently cut Rayl's ears open.

"What? You gonna beat me now?" Rayl cursed herself for not holding her tongue.

"Don't you talk back to me!" Her father took a breath and tried to remain calm. "Well… You'll just have to be punished then." Rayl's father grabbed a handful of her red hair, and pulled Rayl to her feet. Her black and white stockings started to fall, and her skirt was ruffled.

He grabbed the white collar of her shirt and pulled her closer to him. "You've been a bad girl, Rayl."

Rayl closed her eyes. It'll be over soon.


Ender heard a series of knocks on his door. He sighed and walked to the front door. He opened it casually and Rayl suddenly collapsed into his arms.

"Rayl?!" Ender almost yelled. "My God, what happened?"

Ender Shikaie, wasn't an only child. He had a younger, sweeter brother, but he never saw him. He was always outside with some of his friends.

A luxury that Ender didnt have.

Ender had known Rayl longer than memories can last. He had seen what Rayl's father could do, but never something this bad. Rayl could always walk it off, but now… Now she fell into his arms…

"Rayl?" Ender's black hair fell into his piercingly bright blue eyes. They were laced with concern. Something Ender didn't feel that often. "Hey…" He shook her body, lightly, and she stirred.

"Ender…" Rayl whispered, her houlder's slumped tiredly.

Ender realized that he could see a bit of Rayl's cleavage, but he tossed the thought away for the moment.

His gloved hands tried to stand Rayl up, but she just fell back into his muscular arms. He scratched his shoulder. His mesh shirt, underneath his black, revealing, shirt itched.

"Ender!!" Ender's mother called. "Who's at the door, honey?"

"Its just Rayl." Ender called over his toned shoulder.

"Oh." Ender's mother sounded displeased. "Her."

Ender rolled his eyes. His mother never fancied people like Rayl. She never called Rayl by her name, either, only by "That girl." or "Her."

"Ender.." Rayl's voice was fading slowly. "My… Dad.."
"Shut your lip." Ender replied softly. "My mom can here us."
"Oh…" She rested her head on his arm. "All right.."
"I'm gonna take you to my room. You can tell me everything there."
"Just don't… Rape me or… Anything."

Ender smirked. He lifted Rayl over his shoulder. "Heh, if it weren't for rape, I'd never get laid."


Ender carefully laid Rayl on his pathetic excuse for a bed. A mat would be more comfortable.

He sat up against his door and bit the tip of his gloved thumb. I wonder what happened to her… He gazed upon Rayl's tiny, breathing form.

She looked worn out.

The walk alone to his house should have been enough, but with the wounds she had received from her dad….

It must have made it so much worse.

"Yo, Rayl," Ender started to question. "what happened?"

Rayl just let out a sigh and buried her head in his pillow.

Ender lifted his knee up and rested his elbow on it. "So, its gonna be like that, eh?" He shook his head. "Fine. Go ahead."

Rayl started to sob quietly in Ender's brown pillow.

Ender turned his head and tried to think about something else.

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