When i first saw you

I was certain you were the one

and i tried


to react with some kind of common sense

but when that failed

all i had was my heart

to fall back on

So i made my move,

We went up to the ballfield,

and i showed you the stars

and i can't help remembering

how beautiful you looked that night

and how i thought

we would be together forever.

But something changed, and you were torn away

from me, from us.

Our friendship stuck

but every time i saw you with him,

i got sick to my stomache

wishing it was me.

and then something went wrong

and you came to me

and you told me all about it

how it had gone all wrong

and i sat there, and i wondered


But it went wrong

and there were times

when i was at a

loss for words.

And then i thought

there was a chance

when i finally understood

your feelings for me.

But i misinterpreted the sky

And the stars frown back at me

as you tell me of your new love

I am at a loss for words.

I give my blessing

as all I can think

is that I'm glad your happy

while i'm still

at a loss for words.