Gwen sat close enough to the front of the room to actually hear the second hand on the clock tic by for no other reason than she would be the first student to leave the room when class was over. Her position in the watchful eye of the Sister in charge of study hall did not stop her from pulling out her noxious black nail polish and begin to paint a grim looking skull on the inside of her desk. The skull really didn't symbolize anything, she was just bored and her nails were already painted. The nun didn't care, but the girl on her right apparently did as she kept giving Gwen snub-nose glances. Well maybe that was just Gwen's imagination, the girl's nose was naturally snubbed in shape and any glance was in turn given a snubbish air. Gwen decided to paint the skull eating a small turned up nose. The clock kept ticking away until the period bell ran and Gwen was the first to leave for no other reason than she sat at the front of the class. She had no desire to listen to another clock tic away her life or to be snub-nosed into submission so she decided to skip out on her next two classes. After that was lunch; there was no clock in the cafeteria and if there was it was too loud for her to notice.

As Sara sat down in the front row of her study hall classroom two minutes before the late bell rung, she was disgusted to find a gruesome picture of a skull chopping down on what looked to be a severed nose. Apparently the black ink was still wet. Sara got black smudges all over her new khaki skirt, but she also successfully smudged the morose image. The Sister that oversaw study hall came in and smiled a distance smile at Sara. Sara looked down at her black covered hands and skirt and debated ratting out the desk's previous occupant but decides to just use the bathroom pass to wash up in the girl room on the second floor. She could go to the one across from the library, it was closer but the slackers usually hung out there sharing cigarettes and the latest gossip about who had been in the most trouble. Well that's what Sara though they talk about; she had never really paid enough attention to them to know for sure. She spent most of the class trying to get the black off her skirt but it seemed to already have dried. When the period bell rang Sara went to the front office to call her mother for a change of clothes.

Keith stumbled into his study hall late and the only open seat was the one at the front of the room by the Sister's desk. Everyone looked up when he barged in the doorway. He cringed inwardly and sunk down into the chair, trying desperately to disappear. Almost level with the inside of the desk, Keith noticed an unusual black smudge that reminded him vaguely of a skull eating a nose. He then wondered what that said about him if it was a Rorschach test; he could see the doctor his mother took him to um-hming and marking him down as crazy in that little black book he never let Keith look at. Keith cleaned the designer glasses that his father bought him as a belated Christmas present and looked at the dark smudge again; no still a skull eating a nose, he probably was crazy after all. The doctor would prescribe him a new medicine if he told him at their next session. Well that's just how things have been going for the past five years so how was Keith capable of thinking else wise. When the period bell rang, Keith was the last to leave the class, he didn't wanted to be scrutinized anymore than he had to but it took him longer to get untangled from his sunken position. In his hurry to leave the room he left behind the expensive glasses inside the desk.

Daphne sat down in the front of the room at the desk next to her crush. Normally she sat two desks away but those were already taken so she took it as a sign from God that she should make a move. She shoved the books she would not be using for studying into her desk and didn't hear the small sigh of cracking glass. She let out her own small sigh as her crush laughed at a joke his jock friend told him. The joke was vulgar and involved a priest, a candlestick, and a whore; that would be two things that Daphne would change when they were finally together, a more dignified sense of humor and more respect for religion. Daphne was sure in her ability to mold him into the perfect boyfriend if given the chance. The only thing that stood in her way was getting him to notice that she existed. She attempted to accidentally drop her pencil so they could meet trying to both pick it up, but she over shot the toss and it hit him in the face. As he looked at the pencil then back at her, a rosy blush creped over her face. When he handed back the pencil all she could manage was let out a high pitched "mehp," that was suppose to come out as an equally coy and seductive "thank you." Her crush's football-necked friend let out a whoop of laughter causing her to turn a tomato red. She knew he would never like her now. Well he didn't say anything to the contrary so it would be hard for anyone to think anything different in her situation. Both Daphne and her crush sat in silence for the rest of class yet both looked regretful as the period bell rang.

Troy needed to get a good grade on his next history test or else get kicked off the varsity basketball team so he thought that sitting at the front of study hall would somehow aid his efforts. He was not use to sitting in the front of the classroom and shifted around at his desk to get more comfortable; it didn't really help but he did find a pair of broken glasses. The glasses really weren't that damaged, they were made of sterner stuff, just a cracked lens. Troy decided to put them on as he studied, smart people wore glasses and he needed all the help he could get. His vision was instantly blurred and fractured but he refused to take them off incase they really did help him study. Basketball was all he had; if it was gone he might as well drop out and take a job at his father's body shop, which was where he was headed after high school anyway. The only reason he was in this stuck up private school was because they needed to meet their lower income student quota and he could make a three-point shot with his eyes closed. Well at least he understood that, the truth, it was just these damn facts and obscure figures that confused him. He sat with his book open to the same page all class trying to decipher the fuzzy letters. When the period finally rang, Troy slammed his book and headed off to basketball practice in such a hurry he forgot to take off the glasses.