Humanity's Symphony

There are a million 'evil' things in the world

Like murder and rape

They say it's cruel and bad

But sometimes I wonder what the worst evil is.

Is it paedophilia- a sick crime indeed?

Is it rape- cruel beyond compare?

Is it war- Millions of life lost?

Or is it none of these things, and something quite different indeed?

Perhaps it is humanity

With their cruel ways and customs

Their insane ideas

With their controlling hands, with which they manipulate the world.

Children brainwashed after birth

Forced into submission

Taught their evil ways

Dragged away from reality.

Stuck inside their cages made with bricks and iron

Small hands clasped over their eyes and ears

Trying to block the sound of an oppressive world

With their televisions and video games.

Stuck inside this madness

They won't wake until it's too late

Until they're old and frail

Not until they're dead.

There are a million evil things in this world

Humanity is just one of them

The least and the greatest

Sick and cruel beyond any comparison.