A Crack In This Heart Of Mine

by, Cassandra

Why should we have to risk our heart to be happy?
It's not fair that to find happiness you have to hurt.
I don't want to keep this going forward.
How many times can this lesson be learned?
You just can't seem to comprehend;
This isn't going to end like you want it to.
We'll all pay the price for this moment in time,
And I don't know if I'm ready to survive
Yet another crack in this heart of mine.
Think it through; is this really what you want to do?
Because, you know you're going to cry, just like before,
And I can't be there to pick up the pieces.
Don't blame me for being terrified.
It's all happening once again, and so quickly at that.
I don't have time to process anything, and yet
You expect me to be thrilled at this unexpected turn of events?
Our happiness is at stake, but you're too far gone to even see.