And The World Was Good…

The impaled heart beat softly
Against the kneecap of the robin
Perching upside-down upon the sun ray
Shining darkly in front of the world.

Tea cakes fell like cannonballs
Toward the desecrated mounds.
Each impact raised the earth in waves,
Lifting and drowning the pink picket fence.

Like a deer out of headlights,
Time is strict, forgiving,
Singing to us like a fat cactus in the shower,
Soft and sweet, bringing seeds of forgotten lore to the surface.

The spiked boots of bread
Are flung horizontally into the sea
As the baby squeals for her loss
And love devours the sound waves of bumblebees and beggars.

Pencils scrawl across the muddy warthogs
Using the rust-red particles
Taken from the fur at the end of the gun
And pounded to a whole by the binding of giants.

And the world was good…