a/n: I wrote this a few weeks ago and I am sort of over this boy. Yes, people still say we're "the perfect couple", but he now has a girlfriend so they aren't really able to say it anymore. His girlfriend, of course, is one of my best friends. So, I'm sure most of you readers can figure out how I feel.

Every time I see his face
My heart skips a beat
I love being around him
There's nothing that can change that.
But, God, why do you punish my heart so?
You put two people together
Meant to be with each other
And you punish them by not letting them find each other.
So many times do I hear "the perfect couple"
When nothing will ever happen
Why do you punish my heart?
So much is already happening for me
And you go and hurt me by not allowing us.
I'm all alone with these feelings.

Why are you punishing me?
I didn't do anything but loved him.