The flames danced ever higher into the night air

And though my legs were getting hot from its warmth

I didn't move, too afraid that you'd disappear

The sky above us was cloudless, wonderfully clear

My head leaned back on your shoulder as I admired the stars

And I was just so glad to have you there

Stretched out beneath me, on a cheap lawn chair

Your arms were wrapped around my waist

In that familiar and comforting embrace

That only you had perfected with me

The fire, the stars, the dew-covered grass

All was lost to me, for I was with you

Your head was resting upon my own

And in that moment, I made a wish

That I could stay like that, forever, with you

But sadly, that dream did not come true

For we had only that one hour together

It was enough for me, to understand

What true peace and contentment feels like

If ever asked, what happiness is, I'll be able to answer

Because, thanks to you, I now know