Now I know what it's like to be happy

But I can't find it within myself anymore

You decided that I just wasn't enough

And who am I to disagree?

You always deserved better than me

Yet that doesn't make this any easier

I see her clinging to you and it makes me sick

Is this just simple jealously?

You deserve the best, I always knew

And I can tell that she's not it

But if she makes you smile, who am I to argue?

I can live without you, if that's what you want

I can fade into the background and fall apart inside

For as long as you are happy, I can live

It sounds so cliché, but it's the truth

I'll learn to live without your hugs

I'll deal with the people who ask

How I'm doing, and how I'm taking this

No, I'm not taking this well

But I'll live, because you're still smiling