Amber's pov

I awoke to a thump down stairs. Mmm stupid cat I murmured and fell back asleep. I woke up again something not right I thought. I looked up and a man about 6 feet tall and jet black hair hung over me. He was so cute! He had wonderful almost pure black eyes. But that I didn't think about because he was standing in the middle of my bedroom! I started to scream but before I could utter a sound he was on top of me thrusting a needle into my arm. I gasped and fell silent I was unconscious.

Jakes pov

I snuck quietly into her house. Her the one I had been watching for exactly 45 days 4 hours 38 minutes and 10 seconds. Alright in with out a… I hit a chair with my toe. Damn! I cursed silently and listened… good she didn't hear me I thought. I snuck up to her room I new exactly where it was. I was behind her and suddenly she turned. Damn!! I thought and with out second thought thrust the needle I had into her arm. I put her in my black hybrid and sped off to the ware house.

Amber's pov

I woke up slightly dazed. Wa? I murmured as every thing came into focus. Wa? Where am I? I said in a dazed voice. Don't worry my darling a deep (manly) voice in my ear. Then I realized what drug I was under and I began to fight it. Then I realized I was strapped to a chair. In a fake groggy voice I murmured sleep. It's ok come with me the voice said. Mmm I murmured. To my delight he unstrapped me! He grabbed me and started to make me walk when I (purposefully) went limp. We both collapsed to the floor. I jumped up and gave him a round house but I missed and tried again. This time he grabbed my leg flipped me and actually caught me!

Sorry about the short-ness of the chappie! There is more 2 come!!! It will be much more exciting! Please send feed back. I'm new!

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