your bed is a tangle of sheets and discarded jeans,
& your blankets smell like sex and the whiskey i
spilled when i pressed myself against you and we fell
head first to your concrete floor, my gigglescream
shrill in your ear. you hold my thighs and i twist into
some form of ecstasy & the rugburn on my shoulder blades
screams summer promises.

you watch me crush valium and i lick traces
of powder off my fingertips. your hands shake
when i hand you the cracked cd case, and i chip
more polish off my nails. the glitter covered
stars beside my eyes smudge under the look in your eyes.

(you hold me down by my throat,
and your ceiling dissolves into a blur
just before you let go. i attack you with
my nails and you finally say my name;
you taught me well)

a/n: inspired by laura (icarus complex).