Only Duty

He lies next to me sleeping,
his hands far from mine.
My sanity slowly creeping
into dreams that lose all time.

They sing so sweetly
of all memories past,
to remind of me of the guilty
whose happiness shan't last.

These haunting, reeling wonders
that dance above my head
fill my mind with thunder
until I wake up dead.

Fading slowly from a life
that was never mine to live.
For I shall never become a wife
who's only duty was forgive.

Wow, no reviews for "High Gear" eh? That's a first for me. Hmm..I'll work on it then. :D

Anyway, this started out as just two random stanzas I wrote when I was in a bad mood. It does not relate directly to me, however I would never wish to become a wife like this.

I don't know WHY in the world I decided to rhyme this. I have been playing around with rhyme a bit lately so when I do it doesn't sound so forced.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the poem overall, and I would be grateful for any tips to make it better.


ps. I SWEAR, I will review everyone...EVENTUALLY...heh...