Hey! Well this is my first poem posted on fictionpress! I'm not sure how everyone goes about it here but I'm just going to do the same thing I do on fanfiction! Comment at the begining and end, except I'm not going to comment at the end LOL! Just remember to review it because I LOVE getting feedback! I can't improve without peoples opinions. This poem was actually written about a special certain someone of mine (no I don't have a boyfriend lol!) but all my friends say they can relate to it in some way so I hope that you might be able to relate to it as well! Enjoy:

Because every time
I want to see you
You are always there
And every time
I want to cry
You always make me laugh

But it's just this one thing
That I can't figure out,
Why you are the only person
Who can change my life around

And make it seem so perfect
Because every time
I'm next to you
It feels like we're in heaven.