His Girl the Best Friend

By: Kristie Martinez

I see you talking to her

So let you be and walk away

That's when you came up

And pulled me of to the side

You looked so angry

This guys is my best friend you see

Were so very close, as I

Look up at him he starts to talk

He tells me how she

Just hurt him again, it

Seems she just doesn't care

About his emotions

He was telling her something

That was hurting him inside

But she told him to suck

It up and get over it

I just put my arms around him

And comforted him, this

Time I wasn't going to let her

Get away with it, after we

Got done talking, I left

To go find her

We started yelling and he

Steps in and defends her

My eyes filled up with tears and I ran away

The next few days we

Avoided each other

Then I hear you guys broke up

I'm happy for him

But yet I still wonder why?

Later he finds me and

Tries to talk to me but

Each time I turn away

The next morning

When I sit

Down at my seat I find a

Not upon my desk

Here is what it said

Dear Baby

I'm sorry for what I've done

I shouldn't have stepped in

I found out what happened and why you

Were fighting with her. That's

When I realized you were right, so I broke up with her.

I just realized how lucky I am to have you and I

Love you. You were always there and helped me

Through, I just wanted to say one more thing

Girl without you I can't

Live so will you do me

The honor of being my girl?

With tears in my eyes

I quickly stood up and see you

Standing at the door

I quickly run to you and jump into your arms

Of course I said yes

You held me close

That's when I also realized

How much I loved you too

I'll love him forever and forever it will

Always be