sharing one secret&help

sharing one secret.

and you have one secret

I wanna know

but your mouth is sealed

the wind blows

the wind blows

the wind blows

your secret may not be so secret

the wind has told me

what I should not know

I can hear the echoes

of your sins

and you can not keep that secret

(it is torturing you)

let me be your confident

let me be your relief

your wrists drip blood

into the river of desperation

and you have one secret.


breathe.. slowly


breathe... slowly

... breathe, breathe, breathe

I can't breathe, I can't... breathe

I did some wrong things

I'm not regret at all

there were times I felt

like big one in this world

lights turned off

what is my reason to be?

darkness scares me

everybody leaving me in a lonely party.

chorus: I throw my heart

from all those aches

by the way, I have nothing

and I won't ask help

even if I'm driving crazy

I don't need help.

at the worst days

raindrops hide my feelings

I broke up with my friends

they know me very well

there were time I thought

someone would love me

the door was opened

a sad girl waiting for me

that's what I am.

chorus: ...