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We had just finished celebrating Laz's birthday. There had been so many presents that Laz actually got tired of opening them though he had loved every single one. He wanted to become a photographer so all of the photo albums, he said, would help keep him organized.

He had changed a lot over ten years as anyone naturally would. He was a little taller than Rei, which Rei resented, and he had bleached his hair blonde. He had thick, black rimmed glasses that hid his blue eyes (he wore contacts) and had gone completely punk. He had chains and belts and everything he wore was black except his undershirt which was striped red. He told us all the stories about what he had been doing to terrorize his parents. I felt somewhat sadistically happy that he had since they'd made Rei's life hell. I felt like maybe they deserved it.

Cara, Ko, Rei, my mom and Craig, and three of Laz's friends, Constance, Jerry, and Justin, all ate through two entire cakes and three cartons of ice cream. Half of it ended up on people's shirts because we were all laughing so hard. At one point, Rei had dropped a spoonful of strawberry ice cream in my hair, which melted quickly down the side of my face. For a moment, everyone laughed and Rei licked up the side of my face to which my mom mocked my outburst from before when Greg had done it to her.

For the most part, we all just had a good time laughing and telling funny stories. Rei and Laz stayed close together and I was happy that he finally got him back. He'd never truly been content until now.

"So you guys have been living together since you got out of college?" Laz asked and I nodded energetically while Laz laughed. "How long have you guys known each other? I was like, what, six or seven or something?"

"Yeah. We've known eeach other for about eleven and a half years."

"Holy fucking shit," Constance gasped and Rei chuckled a little. He reached around my back and grabbed my left hand, beginning to play around with the ring that was on it. I smiled up at him. Laz seemed to notice the object Rei occupied himself with and made a noise of disappointment.

"Did you guys tie the knot while I was gone?" he moaned. My mom choked on her drink and Craig patted her back while he snickered. Rei stopped fiddling with my ring as I turned bright red and swallowed. Cara and Ko were staring from my mom as she coughed to Rei and me as we froze. Laz's friends looked curious.

"Oh yes, marriage!" Rei exclaimed, grasping my shoulders and pulling me back into him. I looked up at him, seeing how his own face flushed, and gulped. "N-no, uh, we… haven't… yet. I-" he stopped and glanced down at my quickly. Laz looked amused. "I haven't proposed to him yet," Rei murmured and my mother sprayed soda onto the table and her lap, grabbing a napkin and holding it to her nose as she commenced coughing again.

"Jesus Christ, Retta. Stop drinking," Craig said, actually looking concerned. I was staring at Laz with a rigid expression that I couldn't even begin to try and picture in my head. He was staring at me too, his expression blank.

"I want to though," Rei said quietly, turning me around as Craig pushed Retta's cup away with a smirk. Sarcastic bastard, I thought in my head, but the half-hearted thought was gone as soon as my eyes locked with Rei's. He looked nervous and anxious and I was sure I mirrored it as he reached into his pocket. I felt a smile break out on my face and when Rei looked back at me, the worry in his eyes was gone and he smiled back. "This isn't the way I thought it would happen," he laughed. I shrugged.

"As long as it happens, I don't really care. We could be locked up in jail and I'd still be happy." I heard a strange giggle behind me, but I didn't care. Rei paused and kissed my forehead, holding the side of my face and rubbing the lobe of my ear with his thumb.

"Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" he asked.

"And then some," I replied, staring at him as he slipped the warm band around my finger. I felt it connect with the promise ring. Then I swung my arms around his neck and jumped on him, hooking my ankles behind his back. He hit the wall and I attacked his face, not caring if my mother was there or Laz or Cara or anyone else. It didn't matter. I pulled my face away and licked my lips. "Nothing big though. No flashy or expensive stuff."

"Right. And it has to be nice outside. I know rain is good luck, but…"

"Yeah. We could have it in the park."

"Or in the backyard."

"Yeah! And my mom can be the priest and read us our vows."

"And we could make the cake."

"Yeah! It's starting to sound like fun."

"Black tie?"

"Naw, nothing formal. Let's just have another fun day like today."

Rei and I laughed.

Everything that I wanted I had. I could be struck down now and die happy. I had my job, my family and friends, and now I had Rei. Well, I'd always had Rei, but now we were getting married! Well, not legally or legally-binding I guess, but it didn't matter. I didn't care. I didn't want to travel to some place where we would be excepted and leave everyone behind and it didn't matter if the government said we weren't, we would be.

I turned and looked behind me as my mom and grinned. She smiled back and shook her head a little before continuing her conversation with Craig. Laz was still looking at us and smiling a very gentle smile. I thought he might've started crying, but he just knocked Rei in the arm and told him, "way to go," and gave me a hug. It felt awkward, having him be so much taller even though I was almost thirty. He squeezed my shoulder and grinned at me. "I always knew you'd be the one to make him happy."

Considering all the excitement, everyone left soon after that. Laz said he was going to leave a photo album with us for our wedding day and gave both of us a hug, thanking Rei for a multitude of things. For a while, Rei held Laz and said how proud of him he was and how horrible he felt for leaving him like he did. And though it wasn't entirely true, Laz assured him it was okay, he didn't mind, and that he'd had fun paying his parents back.

Laz left with a final goodbye and Rei and I stood on the porch until all the cars were gone. I looked at Rei and smiled. "So my soon-to-be husband, what now?" I asked, threading my arms through his and tipping my face back. He flicked his tongue and my bottom lip and I grinned. I knew what was coming.

"Well, my also soon-to-be husband, I think it's about high time I filled you up," he said. I chuckled.

"You know that's impossible," I stated and Rei shrugged.

"It doesn't-"

"I know, I know. It doesn't hurt to try. I won't stop you. I won't even try. In fact, I want you to give it your best shot." I walked to the door and put my back against it, opening it up slowly. "And since we went shopping yesterday, we won't have to worry about starving." I laughed quietly as he followed me inside, shutting the door behind him.

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