You'll never be able to see

How much you've torn my world apart

But the one thing I could never stop

Is always giving you my heart

The way you make me feel

Is something I'll never tell?

When I first saw you

I didn't know my life would turn to hell

All the things I felt for you

Every emotion inside

Is screaming out loud

With the tears I've cried

But I sit back and watch

You're actions and words

How I can still feel for you

Is so absurd

But the problem I am having

Is not being able to let go

So I chase this dream

And feel more pain than you'll know

I'll never say no to you

No matter what happens to us

Even if it means nothing

I'd never give a fuss

I've tried to move on

But it's so hard not to stay

But if I wait forever

I'll never be ok

So I guess it's time to let go

And finally say goodbye

Even if it means

More tears I must cry