"Amazing. Simply amazing."

Oh staring from this room at the beautiful night sky. Shining celestial bodies, they make me so happy. I may be trapped inside this room, constantly haunted by such pillars of papers, books, text, documents, but I am drawn, drawn to the sky. It's beauty, oh, it's beauty. Telescope is my eyes. Wall is my hand. I am simply in between. I can hear their words about me, running through me, from eye to hand. They keep me going as I willingly stare at the sky. Oh, what would I do without this tapestry? I cannot bear to think of it, for that may make Telescope, Wall, and myself so unhappy. I try not to see such towers of rubbish that sit around me; all I wish is to see the sky. Telescope is happy to see the sky. Wall is happy to hear the words. I am happy when Telescope and Wall are happy. Beauty, beauty, the sky. I dare not wonder how the sky became so beautiful; it may easily hurt Telescope and Wall. I cannot hurt them. I will not hurt them. I can see their tears of happiness to see the sky. Dancing amongst the orbs of light, crying that it is so beautiful. Oh, Telescope, look further! Seeing the streaks of light paint the sky! Wall, write it! Write it all! Oh, the beauty! The light intensifies! I want to see the light! No! Telescope wants to see the light! For Telescope will see, Wall will hear! That it how it is, and how it shall be till the end of time! The light makes them happy! Make them happy! Make them complete! Make me complete! Let the light shine!

The prisoner could feel himself becoming uneasy. A cough escaped his mouth roughly, as he sat on the cold ground. The cruel night continued forward; it seems so endless. A thick breath of chilling fog blurred his eyes from his mouth. It seemed like such a short time since he entered his prison, although it also felt like such a long time. Time was quickly becoming nothing. The moon still shined through the portal, and more stories quickly escaped to his sight. As sweat fell, the prisoner readjusted and looked for another tale. Something. Anything! Long, short, anything! Time was nothing now. He found his treasure quicker than expected, and it began:

"Sick, pathetic humans..."