GerardYuroshi: Helllo!!!...I haven't been here in a LONG time T.T Makes me sad...'Nyways I am here with a new that I shall see to the end...If I don't I shall take two years off my then I'll die at 22 or 23...whatever. 'Nyway this is a horror story...YAY! About an Insane Asylum and the people inside...This story is for the manga I'm making...with the same tiitle...OMG! lol. So enjoy...

Chapter 1- Bridgette Part 1

"Bridgette...where are you're parents?"

"They're not here anymore..."

"Where did they go?"


"Bridgette where are they?"

"...I was hungry..."

Bridgette turned, showing off her sharpened teeth as she licked the blood off her lips. In front of her layed the half eaten bodies of her parents...

Age: 5
Gender: Female
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 63 lbs.
Disorder: Cannibalism
Personality: Cheerful, loves to eat
Treatment: Solitary confinement

Amy Guide re-read the information on the young child. She sat outside of Doctor Morton's office, waiting to speak with him. She sighed and cleaned off her glasses. Why did she have to get assigned to a five year old cannibal? She was most likely going to get eaten by her! Amy shuddered at that thought. She didn't want to get eaten...

The door opened and Doctor Morton walked out and smiled at Amy. "Hello Amy, come in." Doctor Morton motioned for her to come inside and Amy obliged. She walked into the clean white office and sat down in the uncomfortable leather chair in front of his desk. Doctor Morton cleared his throat. "I can tell you really don't want to go see Bridgette." He chuckled when Amy nodded. "Don't worry, we feed her regulary, so she won't try to bite you."

"You sure?" Amy asked still unsure, as she fidgeted in her seat.

Doctor Morton nodded and smiled again. "If anything goes wrong, just press the red button by the door to open it." Amy nodded and quickly jotted what he said down, just in case she forgot. He chuckled. "She's really very sweet. She loves to play games."

"Oh really? Like what?"

"Oh lots of things. Her favourite is go fish though, I've seen her play it a lot."

"With who?" Amy asked. 'I thought she was in solitary confinement...maybe some nurses played with her.

"Herself, mostly, although the nurse who brings her food plays with her sometimes."


"Well I guess you want to get your report over with, so I'll send you on your way. Have fun."

Amy stood up and bowed slightly to Doctor Morton before exiting the room. She walked down the plain white walls, past various doors, the mental patients behind them. She glanced down at her paper. 'Room 666...nice.' She glanced at the numbers on the doors. 'Okay...660...662...664..ah! Here it is Room 666.' Amy fumbled around in her pockets for the card key to open the door. 'Okay here goes nothing...' Amy gulped as she swiped the card key, and the door opened revealing a square room with white walls and ceiling, and a small bed against the wall. She walked in and the door closed behind her.

In the corner of the room, wearing a plain white gown, sat a young girl playing cards by herself. Amy stepped forward. "Umm excuse me...Bridgette?"

Bridgette stopped playing and slowly turned towards Amy, her pale blue eyes blank and showing no emotion. When her eyes landed on Amy, a wide grin spread across her pale face, showing off her sharp teeth. She licked her lips and her eyes lightened up, "...Hello...are you here to play with me?"

Ummm well there was part 1 of Chapter 1 of The Haven! Sorry, my writing isn't that great, and this is also my first time writing horror, usually I write fantasy or comedy, hehehe. But I drew a character and he looked like someone from an insane asylum and this story popped into my head. So umm please tell me what you think, okies? Thank you!

Character Profile 1
Name: Bridgette
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 63 lbs.
Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde
Eye Colour: Pale Blue
Disorder: Cannibalism
Personality: Cheerful, likes to eat
Past: Three months priar to entering The Haven, ate her parents leaving only the head and half of the torso and arms. Showed no signs of cannibalism priar to this incident.

I'm going to put a character profile at the end of every chapter so you can picture the character better.