A/N: I was sitting in my debate class and, needless to say, I got completely bored. All of these poems are based loosely upon our discussions and mostly on the rambling thoughts in my head. Enjoy my...


Dust blown speaker trying to play that drab music.

Gives us that feeling of total, utter boredom until we use it.

Fill our head with melodies and dreams of TV's till we cant take it.

Make us get up and paint a picture.

Make us write our very own personal life story.

Show us.

Get to know us.

Force us.

To have an imagination.


To creative for your own good.

You come to us with the bed-messed head and a laughing screaming pain inside you.

Dressed to unimpress make us all believe that you truly don't try.

Giggle and squeal giving us all peals of genuine laughter.

Funny though,

You are so far that you can't identify yourself.

You strive to be unique only to find yourself conforming.

Acceptance is needed for you to continue existing.

I'd tell you all of this but I am afraid to lose your precious friendship.


You teach me about myself without even knowing.

You make the mistakes for me, it seems.

You know and have experienced it already so you share your knowledge,

giving me the correct and only way.

You sadden me.


Writing your stories.

Shaping what you want your life to be, through pencil, hand and brain.

Giving insight to your Mary-Sue mistakes and inner plight.

You never intended for this world to mean so much

You never wanted to become obsessed with that imaginary, exciting, inviting world.

So you'll pray and pray for that God-sent-awful imagination to go away.

It doesn't suit you.

It only depresses and obsesses you.